Flings -what are they????

Flings -what are they????

Hi, I’m new to the session. I found this site a few weeks ago and it was like christmas!!!!
Anyway to the point…..I learnt a tune off the lunasa cd -"Lunasa"-called Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s (track 9) and they call it a fling. The definition I have of a fling says it is "a solo step dance which is generally performed to a strathspey played quickly. In Ireland strashtspey’s seem to be known as flings" Now, the tune lunasa play doesn’t sound at all like a strathspey played quickly and I thought that the irish version of a strasthspey was a highland. As you can tell I’m a bit confused and being an Irish step dancer dancer I’m intrigued as to what a fling actually is (tune wise not the other type of fling🙂 ) Can anyone clear this up for me?

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On the Standing Stones website, there’s an essay by Caoimh

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The highland, which is still danced in some parts of Donegal, is actually a couple dance, apparently popular for kitchen dances in the old days because it could easily be performed in a small space, with lots of turning on the spot. Some of the tunes are smoothed-out and otherwise modified strathspeys, but many others are not. Highlands can be great tunes but sadly they are rarely heard in yer average session.

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Highlands are, or were, as I understand it, confined to the Donegal tradition. Tunes called ‘flings’ seem to occur more widely.

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there was (as recently as 10 years ago) a dance in south and west cork known as the "triple fling" - a dance for 3 persons (rather like the middle figures of the "dashing white sergeant", a well known scottish dance) rather than for couples. it was quite a popular dance and was always danced to tunes referred to as "flings" - many of which appeared to be modified hornpipes and unrelated to the donegal "highland". possibly this dance was (or is) rather more widespread than the backwoods of county cork?

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I’m not sure exactly what a fling is, but my wife says if I have one, she’ll divorce me. So I just try to avoid them.


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*Try* to avoid them, Troy? Heh.


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Thanks everyone. I think i’m less confused now🙂
I knew there’d be somoneone - Troy! 🙂
i learnt some higlands when i did a workshop with Liz Doherty and I agree they are great tunes. I didn’t know there was a dance for them danced in Ireland though…i knew about the highland fling - I"ve done one of those ( not very well i might add) and they’re heaps of fun, but it was hard for an irish dancer to co-ordinate the arms with the feet!
Now a tripple fling……that sounds like fun - dance wise!!!🙂

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flings ain’t what they used to be.


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Highland Flings / Flings / Highlands ~ a dance form and tune form that once was present all over the beautiful isle of Eire… A dance for two, three, four or more…. A swung tune of 16 bars usually with a second ending for the B-part, in agreement with movements step-wise and figure-wise in the dance it accompanies… Akin to a ‘single’ hornpipe, as some would have it, related to the Highland Schottische…. Here’s some more:

tune: "Paddy Joe’s Highland"
dance descriptions: yet to be added…

SCOTTISH DANCE - tradition shared with the Irish:

from ‘Grand Chain: The Edinburgh Scottish Dance Resource’
‘Ceilidh Dance Instructions’
- The Canadian or Highland Barn Dance
- The Highland Schottische

AUSTRALIAN DANCE - more correlations:

1844 - The German Polka / German / Plain Schottische
1854 - Highland Fling Schottische
1855 - Highland Schottische


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