Ive searched the Gaelic websites but couldnt find what I needed… Ive noticed that some here on the sessions are good gaelic speakers…I was wondering if anyone could translate this into gaelic…(irish or scottish)

"God will provide"

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Déanfaidh Dia Soláthar- Irish Gaelic

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Déanfaidh Dia Soláthar

dane-hig dee-a sol-aw-har.

that said ive never actually had to pronounce that last word before so it mightnt be completly perfect but its acceptable.

(by the way my irish sadly comes from the education system of ireland and not from everyday usage so its not great)

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I believe the I’m Drunk is Ta Me air Miece. Is this correct or close to correct. Also, how is it pronounced?

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I believe that in Connemara dialect you’d say something like

JEE-na JEE-a sol-AHR,

where the Irish j is half way between English j and English d.

And I’m drunk would be

Tá me ar meisce
TAH may ed MESH-ke

where, get this, the d is halfway between English d and English r.

BTW, my pronounciation comes mostly from listening to native speakers on the tapes of Mícheál Ó Siadhail’s "Learning Irish",
and not nearly enough from hearing real people speak. Hope to correct that soon.

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Go to They are a dedicated group of native speakers and scholars (as well as beginners) who can set you straight.

It’s a great asset for learning Irish as well as getting short translations.

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How did you know "Im Drunk" was going to be my next question?!… I guess it was logical…..