The Donegal Fiddle Style

The Donegal Fiddle Style


I’ve listened to fiddlers like John Doherty etc, and they sound great. There’s no fiddlers where I live, so I was hoping that somebody could give me some tips about learning to play in that Donegal style. General tips about the bowing and the ornamentations in the district. I’ve heard that they use a piper-technique called “cranning”, how do they play that on a fiddle?

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Unfortunaltey, I can’t give you advice how to learn the Donegal style, but I like it very much, too. Maybe the best thing is to listen as much as you can and to go to Donegal to learn from the fiddle players there.
There is a summer school, the Fiddle Week in Glencolmcille, which seems to be very good. I will go there this year. I am really looking forward to it.
Have a look at It’s a webpage about Donegal fiddle music and you can find the details of the Fiddleweek there.

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Here are a couple of links which you might find useful:

An Appreciation of the Donegal Fiddle:

The Fiddle Music of Donegal:

Regional Styles in Irish Fiddle Playing:

Irish Traditional Music
as reflected in County Donegal Fiddle Music:

Good Luck

P.S. Incidentally, do you already play Norwegian music on your Fiddle?

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I don’t know much about it, though i really like it too. They use very few rolls and lots of triplets and play fast. The bowing is supposed to be quite dynamic and there is an emphasis on sounding every note rather then slurring.

Other then that a search on google would yeild quite abit i’d imagine. : )

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Thanks a lot to both of you!

It would be cool to keep in touch on MSN, maybe we could all give some tips and hints about playing and different tunes.

You can add me to your MSN,

Thanks again.

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Hello Lyargutten!

I have played in the Donegal fiddle style for some years now and trying hard to learn it because it’s no irish fiddlers where I live either, you see I am a norwegian too!

Maybe we could met and play some tunes?