The Tune Name Archive

The Tune Name Archive

In celebration of my first tune (Check out "Shovel the Walk" in the tunes section!), I have decided to take up a suggestion that was made a couple of times in the Learning Styles thread and compile all the wonderful and quirky tune names that were suggested in that thread. Since this is all trad and public domain, I will not attribute the tune names to their creators. If you mind (that is, you want credit), or you don’t want people to use your tune names for new compositions or gan aimns, post in this thread and claim ownership. Better yet, come up with some more great names to inspire those bold enough to put fiddle to chin, fipple to mouth, or pen to paper to compose a new tune.

I’ve marked the names that already have tunes with asterisks. Links to the tunes section would be cool, but I don’t know how to do that.

The Drab Plateau*
The Dreary Plains of Toil*
The Low Hills of Mediocrity
Farewell to Your Dreams
The Inferior Rake
The Banks of Despair
The Unfortunate Hack
The Humours of Failure*
The Road to Frustration*
The Jolly Amateur
Tearing Out of Paddy’s Hair
Toss the Fiddle/Toss the Fiddles
Ennui Before Breakfast
Betty Crocker’s Fancy Scotch Measure
Duncan Hine’s Strathspey
Lord Entamenn’s
Nobody’s Favorite
Haste to the Exit
Prozac in the Morning
Merrily Smoked the Crack Pipe
The Impossible Wall
Leave the Back Door Open
Use the Mute
Scale Practice
Last Minute Practice Of The Hard Parts
Misery Loves Accompaniment
Smash the Whistles
I Buried My Pipes and Danced on Their Grave
Pull the Knife Out of the Bodhran and Stick it Again
Planxty Maugham
Boil the Bagpipes Early
The Grizzly in the Dumpster
The Scraggy Hills of Brown
The Odour of Spring
Shovel the Walk*
The Burning Hills of Gold
The Odor of Smoke
Wet Down the Roof
Rotate the Tires
Cold Pizza for Breakfast
O’Carolan’s ATM PIN Number
Ignorance is Bliss
The Scotch Tape (Strathspey)
The Hag at the Firm
The Cash Jig
Aphids in the Smog
The Humours of Rush Hour
The Hostility Reel
The Odours of Kensington Market
Molloy’s Mistake
Last Night’s Disaster
The Galway Bumbler
Reading The Session At Work
The Sorting of the Mail
The Handsome Courier
The Mysterious Stain
The Small Talk Polka
The Purolator Jig
Give me a Coffee Dammit or I’ll Scream
Why are You Bitching at Me? It’s not My Problem
The Typist’s Despair
The Humours of Inbox
Merrily Chat the Secretaries
Si Beags For More
Hurt the Old People
Smother the Piper
Spiders in the House
The Rakes of Loncleerin
The First Frost Polka
What’s that Smell in the Freight Elevator?
Lenore’s Coffee Break
The Gorgeous Man on the Tram
The Corrupted Files
The Humors of Microsoft
Bill Gates’s Favorite
Merrily Click the Mouse
Hewlett Packard’s Favorite
The Jug of Coffee
Boil The Coffee Early*

and here are two bonus names:

Classical Boy
Snorting Zina

I can’t believe how many there are! That just took me forever. Add more tune names, and write some tunes!

Re: The Tune Name Archive

Oh my GOD. hehehe

I now have my name (sort of) in two different tunes, the elegant one above, and the other called Exotic Ina, which is a very long story that I’ll tell some other time when I’m not due at a meeting in ten minutes.


Re: The Tune Name Archive

What a roster of inspiration! Thanks Bloomfield!

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Re: The Tune Name Archive

I think I’ve heard "Pull the Knife out of the Bodhran and Stick it Again" in the soundtrack from Alfred Hitchcock’s "Psycho"…

Damn, who knew there were so many of these! Good effort, Bloomfield!


Re: The Tune Name Archive

I have a friend who plays the following tunes:

My Darling Asleep (And Long May She Stay That Way) aka My Darling A Sheep (don’t ask!), Hand Me Down My Tackle and Danish Misfortune.

I will add : ‘The,B*ll*cks,Here’s Another One I Don’t Know Fancy Reel’
- I would post this but I don’t know……

Re: The Tune Name Archive

My Darling A Sheep! hehehe…Will, sounds like a great reel for you Montanans…hehehe

Re: The Tune Name Archive

Ouch, my sympathies Will, …. or maybe she is flattering you….you lucky devil!

Re: The Tune Name Archive

I like to keep the names short - how about just "The B*ll*cks" or better yet, "Tickle Me B*ll*cks"?

My Darling A Sheep? Na-a-a-a!

Re: The Tune Name Archive

OK, I have some more computer ones.:

Empty the Cache
The Links of AOL
The Humors of Netscape
The Internet Explorer (maybe this goes with The Arkansas Traveller)

Re: The Tune Name Archive

great site Jeremy…. love hearing what everyone has to say.

Ican’t resist suggesting a tune - A chokin’ farewell


Re: The Tune Name Archive

Good ones, Jeff. Here’s one inspired by the weather today:

"The Stench-Filled Winds of Toronto"

And one inspired by my nightmare trying to get Rogers @ home cable internet service:

"Trip to Sympatico"

And one inspired by winter in general:

"The Winter Boot Stomp"