Stolen Bouzouki.

Stolen Bouzouki.

I found this e-mail in my in-box and thought i’d pass it on.

To all musicians,

My name is Lughaidh O Broin, a bouzouki player from Dublin. I had a
Paul Doyle Bouzouki stolen from Galway on Saturday morning on the
First of September 2007 outside Kinlay House Hostel off Eyre square.

It is a prototype model which is completly unique, the only one of
it’s kind in the world. It is easily recognisable since it has no
sound hole but loads of x shaped holes around the edge (see attached

It was in a Mick Mullen hard black case with a few stickers on the
outside. Two of the stickers were yellow with red sun faces on them.

This Bouzouki has a lot of sentimental value to me.
Please forward this email on to as many musicians as possible,
whatever music they play.

A reward will be given for it’s safe return.

Hoping to hear from anybody soon,

Lughaidh O Broin.
+353 857380382
+3531 4592657

3 Watery lane,
Dublin 22.

Re: Stolen Bouzouki.

I know you’ve probably done this already Jon, but make sure and keep your eyes on e-bay until it turns up. Best of luck.

Re: Stolen Bouzouki.

I don’t know if there are pawn shops in Ireland the same that there are in the U.S. But a friend who had his bouzouki stolen here was able to recover it because he had informed the luthier that it had been stolen. The thief tried to pawn it, in which case the pawn shop said that they would have to contact the luthier to determine the value, and found that it was stolen.

With an instrument like a bouzouki, someone pawning it, or selling it on eBay might not know what the instrument actually IS. So keep your eye out for things listed as “8 string guitar” and things like that too.

Good luck!