more chord charts please?

more chord charts please?

Could anyone be so kind as to supply me with chords for the following tunes?
Old Torn Petticoat
Huddie Gallagher’s(sp)
March of the Meena Toiten Bull(sp)
Collier’s Jig
Gatehouse Maid
Old Home(Blue Hill) Waltz
I’ve only heard them once and I’m not adept at picking them up by ear. Thanks

Re: more chord charts please?

Ok, here’s some for some of them. I’m keeping it simple, no fancy substitutions or anything, feel free to experiment. Each chord is 1 measure, unless it’s written like A/Em in which case it’s 2 per measure.

First: Old Torn Petticoat. Found multiple versions. Most seem similar, except one version. Here’s for the "consensus" versions"

first part:
Am G Am G Am G Am G
2nd part:
C Am C Am G/Am Em Am G/Am

Next: Huddie Gallagher. What I found was Huida\’i Gallagher’s March (actually a jig), more commonly known as Darby Gallagher. Hope that’s the right one. Chords:

1st part:
A D/A D/G Em A D/A A/G A
2nd part:
D/Em D/A D/G Em D/Em D/A A/G A

Couldn’t find Collier’s Jig. I did find Coleraine’s Jig. On the off chance that was it, here’s the chords:

1st part:
Bm F#m Bm F#m Bm F#m Bm/F#7 Bm
2nd part:
D/Em A/F#7 Bm F#7 Bm/A D/Em Bm/F#7 Bm

Note: Ok to use F# instead of F#7.

Was not able to find March of the Meena etc and Old Home (Blue Hill) Waltz (and boy, am I gonna look stoopid if they end up to be in the Session tunes).

Finally: Gatehouse Maid:

1st and 2nd parts:

Am G Am G/Am Am G Am G/Am

On the 2nd part you can play A in place of Am. Also, the way some people play the 1st part (no C#’s) you can do that as well.

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Re: more chord charts please?

You might want to try the program abcmus it has a feature which sets chords to abc’s. I admit it does have varied results but with a little good judgement you can get the framework for good backing.
Here’s the URL
Good Luck!


I just downloaded abcmus to check it out, and it’s worth it. It plays ABCs much better than the other apps i’ve seen.

Re: more chord charts please?

Thank you for all your input. I’ll be putting it to good use in sessions to come.