Fiddle Teacher in Munster

Fiddle Teacher in Munster

Hello there!
I am having trouble doing what I thought would be the easiest thing in the world! Cannot find a fiddle teacher in Ireland!
I am based in Limerick having come to Ireland to study the MA in Trad Irish performance at uni in Limerick, since graduated and really need a teacher now.
Ideally I want to find a good teacher who is or has been successful as a traditional irish musician, in that sense they have made a living doing it, simply because this is also one of my goals. A good teacher who would be willing to teach me and ideally mentor me towards reaching my goals. What d’you reckon? I am based in Limerick but willing to travel and pay for a good teacher.
Just to clarify things I have made basic enquiries but very little luck so far, I only asked for a ‘teacher’ and didnt even scare people off with the mentoring stuff (people are either touring, not into teaching, booked up with the teaching, dont return phone calls etc). I am keen to learn more from a good teacher and would be very grateful for any advice.
I am currently asking everyone who I like the playing of, musicians I know, have tried the college (UL). My favourite players would be John Carty and Caoimhin O’raghalliagh btw

Re: Fiddle Teacher in Munster

Contact Theresa Bourke who lives nr Thurles. They don’t come much better.

Check out her website for contact details.

Best of luck.