***stolen Pipes***

***stolen Pipes***

I am reposting this message from Partrick D’Arcy:



Very sad news this morning,

Gabriel McKeagney’s pipes have been stolen from within his house. Items include his:

Leo Rowsome practice set! In ebony, ivory and nickle ivory.
Andreas Rogge B chanter: stained black plumwood, no keys and wooden top.
Charles Roberts 1/2 set in brass, faux ivory and african blackwood.
Martin Kerrigan chanter and two regs in ebony, faux ivory and nickle silver.
Between 40 and 70 CD’s were stolen so keep an eye out for these items for sale and spread the word.

Please keep an eye out for these items. I’m hoping to have photos up asap on my site of them to identify anything popping up on eBay etc. Anyone with leads please contact Gabriel at gmckeagney @ cox.net [eliminate spaces]

Thanks everyone,



Patrick’s email: pdarcy @ premiereradio.com [eliminate spaces]

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Hi Bloomie, will print this out and post it at the Gaelic League in Detroit tonight and make copies for others who know pipers in this area Detroit, Michigan and Windsor Ontario.


PS read your post on GC.

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If you catch the b**t**d, give him a good kicking for me.
Hope you find the pipes