Queen Maeve International Summer School

Queen Maeve International Summer School

Noticed that summer school flyers are becoming a more common thing now the summer is nearly here! i got this through the post and so i thought i’d mention it in here…..

Queen Maeve International Summer School

Irish Traditional Music Song and Dance

4th - 8th August 2003 (Bank holiday Monday - Friday evening)
Institute of Technology Sligo Town

Classes available in Tin Whistle,Flute,Fiddle, Banjo, Bodhran and Traditional Singing (Eng/Irish)

Morning classes 10 am-12.30pm
Afternoon classes 2.30pm-5pm

Music and singing recitals,lectures, music sessions and concert.

Enrolment forms and programme downloaded from website:


or email:

All enquiries to director Carmel Gunning at 071- 62008 - 087 6250454

I know I probably should have put the website in the links section ( I think!) but I’m not that computer literate and still getting to grips with the site! Anyways, enough hashing from me.

Hope the above is of use to some of yas - speaking from experience it’s well worth going to! The tutors from years before have been Carmel herself, Seamus Duffy, Junior Davey….. can’t think of who the fiddle or banjo tutors were but I’m sure more information will be on the above website.

Definately enough hashing from me now. slan go foill!

Re: Queen Maeve International Summer School

Carmel Gunning is a superb whistle/flute player. A visit to the summer school is recommended. She has a unique Sligo style and is very inventive with variations, sticking in bits and bobs at every turn.
When I attended a couple of years ago there was sheet music and ABC supplied. She doesn’t hang about with the learning of tunes (and there are plenty) It really gets the brain into gear and is loads of fun.


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Re: Queen Maeve International Summer School

Anybody have thoughts/opinions/experiences on the differences between the summer school and schools at other times of the year? Is there more going on and/or more people from other countries in the summer, more locals in the fall/winter/spring? I have frequent-flier miles that are best used mid-October through mid-May and, because of summer being peak travel season, in general prefer to travel at slower times of year. It’s usually cheaper, too. I play fiddle (at least I’m trying to learn ITM), and I’m more interested in learning style and technique than tunes, though of course I want to learn those, too. From what Dave says about whistle and flute, that’s the kind of thing I’m most interested in, only applied to fiddle.


Pronouncing "Maeve"

Is it pronounced "Mab"? Is this the queen from Shakespear?



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Re: Queen Maeve International Summer School

Eliot, Maeve is pronounced ‘Mee-aa-ve’. Granted that isn’t near the proper phonetic lettering but hopefully you’ll have got it now! I’m not sure as to the history behind the name. Carmel could probably fill you in though!