ABCexplorer new release

ABCexplorer new release

The new 1.2 version of ABCexplorer (for PC) is now available for download at


or Google ‘ABCexplorer’

It first became available as a Beta in Nov 2007, the full 1.1 version early in 2008.
It has been written by a Breton musician, and version 1.1 had the Help file only in French.
There are new features in 1.2, including the Help file now available in English.

Briefly, ABCexplorer is a front-end program that manages, edits, prints and plays your ABC music notation files from a single interface. It can print directly from within, or export files as PDF, PNG, JPEG etc. It works on XP and Vista. Feedback can be made to Gérard by email from within the program. He has reasonable English and is open to suggestions and queries.

Please try it out, #important# bearing in mind the warning about trying new programs out on data that you have securely backed up to another place until you know how they work. There is a section in the Help file on Data Security. Take Note.

ABCexplorer downloads in one operation, that includes and installs for you all the necessary underlying programs in that one single download. e.g. abcm2ps, ghostscript etc.
Everything needed is included, but for advanced users who prefer alternative modules, your favourite midi player or whatever, it is possible to switch them in and out from within the program itself.

It supports abc 1.6, 1.7.2, or 2.0, to whatever extent your chosen underlying modules do.

It is completely free.


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Thanks Chrisp - I tried ABC explorer a while ago and it has got some good features. I’ve used it recently and I’ll certainly try out the new version. It’s very good for managing large archives of tunes and for getting direct pdfs. Wonderful stuff!

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ABCexplorer is the best tool to manage ABC-File i’ve ever seen!!!


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By the way, version 1.3.5 has been out for ages now.

ABCexplorer uses the following external modules:

- ABCM2PS from Jean-François Moine (Postcript conversion)
- ABC2MIDI from James Allwright & Seymour Shlien (generation of Midi files)
- ABC2ABC from James Allwright & Seymour Shlien (transposition)
- MIDI2ABC from James Allwright & Seymour Shlien (importation of Midi)
- GHOSTSCRIPT (graphical and PDF conversion)

Did I mention it is free?


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is this available for 64bit!?

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Mine works on 64-bit fine…