Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson

I just saw Richard Thompson last night and I’m still blown away. I don’t think there’s a better guitarist on the planet.

Now to stir up some mischief. Here are some comments from a Richard Thompson interview:

"The problem I always had with the Pogues was that the last thing
Irish music needed at that point was the notion of the falling-down-drunk Irishman, especially after (the music) had gained huge respect during the decade of the 70s. It had been taken away from the Music Hall stereotype a bit. Planxty, the Chieftains, the Bothy Band, all those artists gave it such incredible, fantastic momentum.

"In theory, though, I thought the Pogues were great. Just what was needed was a punk-folk mix (to help introduce the tradition to a new generation in a viable way), and Shane MacGowan is a very talented writer. But he wanted to be Brendan Behan and drink himself to death."

OK, I’ll stand back now and watch the sparks!


Re: Richard Thompson

No sparks from me. I understand where he’s coming from. You can regret the proliferation of an unfortunate stereotype through the media and still love the Pogues. I think the answer would be for the media to leave artists alone. If your music is good, who cares if you’re a crack whore?

Re: Richard Thompson

Depends. Are they going to be crack whores in my living room? At my session? In my face? Then I care. Otherwise, whatever! Heh.



Zina, i believe it’s speeled craick whores. 🙂

Re: Richard Thompson

i still dig out richard’s "strict tempo" to see if i’ve got the hang of hornpipes yet. dont

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