anybody there?

anybody there?

hi! if you havent met me, im lauren!!
im 11 years old and play the pedal harp.
i want to know, am i the only harp player?

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No, but I can’t remember who else. I mean that about ‘pedal harp’, as I am sure there is at least one other on site here and to mind that it was a she and she was German? But that’s just the ‘one’ that comes to mind just now.

Try this for possibilities, a search in discussions for ‘harp’ ~

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I don’t know any other harpist on the, thought there must be others, as celoachan above said. However, I *DO* encourage you to continue your studies. Lily Neill used to play at the Nanny O’Brien’s sessions when she wasn’t much older than you, and now she is in the thick of a musical career (check out Best wishes for you!

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Hi Lauren,

I also play the pedal harp but most people who play this music play small lever harps, as they’re easier to carry around and in the car. Anyway, the harp is a lovely instrument and welcome to the session!


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PS should have said that I also play mainly lever harps - the pedal harp tends to stay at home because it’s too big to move.

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Cymru/Wales has had a few harpists who have started out with folk harp and ended up including the pedla and full orchestral exposure ~ as an example ~ Catrin Finch ~ daft as a brush (t’ick!) ~ but doing very well ~

Pedal Harp

Pedal Harp ~ That is just repeating it for furture folk who might do a search…

I did remember a few others that have come on site here, but most of them show in the various ‘Discussions’ linked to previously… I’ve had the pleasure of harp with this music, but not pedal harp, which we have enjoyed in other situations. I’d place it with other orchestral instruments that tend to be too loud to blend reasonably with the usual session instruments. So, dear Lauren, and it is a different instrument despite the shared name, find yourself a nice small harp as well to have fun with, and to take as seriously as the big one. Don’t let the diminuitive size put you off. Check ‘Recordings’, as there are some nice listens to be chased up there.

An old favourite of ours is Maire Ni Chathasaigh ~

Pedal Harp ~ they aren’t, but here’s some more to consider ~

~ & hoping others will recommend some listens for you ~

Derek Bell / The Chieftains
Patrick Ball
Robin Huw Bowen

Various ~ "Telyn y Celt / Trad Harps"

There are others, but my brain is being uncooperative this morning… 😏

Pedal Harp it ain’t, but ~

"Telyn y Celt" ~ just checked, this CD is still available and for sale for under a tenner…

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I saw Cormac de Barra at a concert recently - he played both but he had to get help to carry the larger pedal harp onto the stage. Mostly he played on a smaller harp with levers on the top. He mentioned that there were something 40 student harpists at this years Willie Clancy week, taking lessons. Also saw Laoise (Kelly?) in Achill last week and she played some lovely music on a lever harp.

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wow! i didnt know i would get soooo many replys in one day!

Pedal Harp & what some lump together as ‘Folk Harp’

Nice on WH!!! The promise for the future, and Cormac too…

Musn’t forget deal ol’ Sylvia Woods & here efforts ~

& Cormac again ~

& there’s a CD of Cormac in duo with Anne-Marie O’Farrell ~ "Double Strung"
If you do a search you’ll find snippets of the tracks to listen to, like here ~

The Harp, Pedal or otherwise, & Dear Ol’ Sylvia Woods

Some groups featured the harp ~ in Cymru / Wales ~ Ar Log

A favourite friend, character and maker of harps is Jay Witcher ~ & associates…

If some explanation is needed for my madness on this point… As you suggest with yuor tag, harpomaniac, it does things to people. I can’t say much for the emphasis some put on the wee folk, usually too twee for me, but the Marx brothers are favourites, and I like the older rawer tales of wee folk, like the Pookah who sit on berries in the Autumn and cause them to go mouldy… πŸ˜‰

& the not wee Shi… πŸ˜‰

Two Pedal Harps & Cerdd Dant & FIRST PLACE!!!

I’ve just enjoyed my neice singing with her choir on the Internet, the National Eisteddfod this morning, and they took 1st Place for choirs and Cerdd Dant ~

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Eisteddfod of Wales 2008

HALLELUJAH!!! ~ Cerdd Dant ~ FIRST PLACE!!! ~ Dance next
Llun / Monday 11:40 a.m.
Choir & Two Pedal Harps
Cyntaf: Parti Aelwyd y Waun Ddyfal, Caerdydd

Be sure to watch it full screen!!! She’s studying as a doctor and is a sweetheart… I’m not saying which one though…

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Hi - also check out "harplist" on Yahoo Groups. It’s US-based but is a great community of harpists. then search for harplist

Happy harping!


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Where’s Ptarmigan? I’ll have to pester the old geezer and see if he can add something here…

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Hi Lauren, welcome to the yellow board! I play lever harp.

Ceolachan stole a little of my thunder by listing most of my favorite harpers already. πŸ˜‰ Another couple of harpers you might like to listen to are Therese Honey and Grainne Hambly. If you like Welsh harp music, Llio Rhydderch is good.

The most important advice anyone can give you, I think, is to have fun playing!