Numbers in Tune Titles

Numbers in Tune Titles

I am a relatively new member of this site and am probably not aware of a few ground rules. I now know not to put numbers in tune titles now, are there anymore rules that I should be aware of.
I have checked round the site and apart from the advice about being polite and non aggresive I can not find anything else.
Some advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Numbers in Tune Titles

How’s the form, Mick. Welcome also!!
From my perspective, say what you want to say, keep it in a non swearing format (understandable as this is a family show), if someone is completely acting the bollox, express your opinion about it without being overly personally abusive, cos those types eventually get anihillated anyway, don’t get into petty squabbles,….and yer there.

Top man yersel


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LOL — yes, Danny’s more or less holed it in one. (Why is it that that means a good thing, anyway, golf all aside, because someone holing something in one sounds really lethal to me, but maybe that’s because I’m a Yank living in a violent culture. *grin*)

Actually, aggressiveness is generally okay, or perhaps I should say that assertiveness is better than aggressiveness (English really is a diabolical language, isn’t it?). Our only rule (handed down by our Benevolent Dictator) is Be Civil. Not to worry. We’ve all had dressings down given by the BD at one point or another.

Pretty much, if you give others here the same respect you’d like to have (and even the same amount of ribbing you’d give a fellow session member), you’ll be fine.

Other rules, such as don’t go posting an answer to a thread by starting a new discussion, or posting requests for tunes in the discussions area, etc., are all to be found in the appropriate pages; Jeremy can be heard at various intervals complaining that no one ever reads them, but there they are, at any rate. 🙂

Welcome, and we hope to hear from you often!


Re: Numbers in Tune Titles

Guidelines are given in each section. For instance, when you click on "submit a tune", you are told specifically not to add numbers to tune titles.

Likewise, when you click on "submit a discussion", a number of guidelines appear such as "don’t post tune requests in the discussions section", etc.

So as long as you read what’s on the screen whenever you submit a tune, discussion, link, recording or session, there are no hidden rules you need to be aware of.