Looking for tunes in the "Big Apple"

Looking for tunes in the "Big Apple"

I am planning on going to New York, specifically Manhattan and Brooklyn to check out some restaurants. I’ll be looking to go in the next month or so and I’m trying to plan things around a) Peter Luger’s Steak House and b) Getting some tunes in.

I will be there most likely on a Friday or perhaps a Thursday night. I’m looking for some up-to-date knowlege and for some ideas as to where I can/might be able to meet some fellow tune junkies and get some tunes in?

(If it makes any difference, I am a reasonably decent player with impeccable session etiquette!)

Any help in this regard will be appreciated. If I can help it at all I don’t wan’t to go and NOT get a chance to play some tune’s


Re: Looking for tunes in the "Big Apple"

MarinD, that’s not the link that goes out in the weekly email! This is:


And, for the record, the Ceol agus Rince calendar does an EXCELLENT job listing pretty much everything going on in the greater New York area. With it, you should definitely be able to find somewhere to go to for some nice tunes.