Tunes from link?

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Thanks for the link upmine3. I’ve found it here on The Session:

I just listened to the midi for the Ballysdesmond #2 and that’s definitely it, not that I would mistrust someone with the user name of Reverend!

Anybody know the third?

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Ah, just remembered where I know the second one, the Ballydesmond #2 from, The Chieftain’s ‘Water from the Well’, though the comments for that recording have it as #1?!

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Yeah, I think they might all be officially named "The Ballydesmond", and people try to put numbers to them to help keep them apart…

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Here’s a stripped-down ABC version of what they are playing for the third polka in this set:

T:Polca Gan Ainm
d2 ed | cA A2 | d2 ef | g2 g2 |
d2 ed | cA A2 | eg fe | d2 d2 :|
f2 fd | g2 gd | f2 fd | gf ed |
f2 fd | g2 gd | (3efg fe | d2 d2 :|

I couldn’t find anything with the ABC search, though I haven’t written with any swing. Here’s the only thing close that I’ve been able to find here on the site:

It’s another of those lumped as ‘The Ballydesmond’ and I’m thinking the ‘Gan Ainm’ perhaps could be a version of this tune?

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Just found the third tune:

"Music of Ireland: Where’s the Crack"

Edited by David J. Taylor
Dave Mallinson Publications, 1997
ISBN: 1-899512-27-6

Page 26: "Jim Keeffe’s Polka No. 1"

Posted by ‘ceolachan’, August 31, 2008 and found on The Session here:

Thanks again for the first two.

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‘Jimmy Doyle’s / Jim Keefe’s No. 1’

For comparison with my transcription:

X: 1
T: Jimmy Doyle’s
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: Dmaj
|: c | dA/d/ e/f/e/d/ | cA AB/c/ | dA/d/ ef | ga/g/ fe |
d2 ed | cA Aa | f/g/a ge | d2 d :|
|: e | f>=f ^fd | g>f ge | f>=f ^fa | ge c/B/A/e/ |
f2 fd | g2 g/f/e | f/g/a ge | d2- d :|