Hello and see you in Butte

Hello and see you in Butte

Hi folks,
We’ve sort of lurked here for awhile but finally decided to join. Hi Will, Eliot and any of our other friends out there.

Our Shameless Commerce Division has requested that I announce that we will have our Corgi Cottage Creations booth set up at the Butte festival. We feature celtic crafts, jewelery, and clothing hand crafted by Aimee here in Cody, Wy. Now, as we sit in our booth lusting after the contents of the passersby’s wallets, we often find ourselves playing tunes in our booth. If you’re coming to Butte, please come by our booth to say hi, play some tunes, and please keep us posted as to where the evening sessions are. As one or the other of us needs to mind the shop most of the day we can’t both play together during daytime sessions but I’m sure that one of us can sneak off as the urge arises.

If there are any sessions happening before the festival lets us know and we might leave a day early.


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Well, I’d say we probably should bring the music to the two of you, then. Session at Corgi Cottage! 🙂 How many can you fit into that booth? *grin*

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Richard and Aimee, good to see you here, welcome out of lurkdom!

Zina’s right, we’ll be sure to bring the tunes to you (imagine all the traffic we could draw to your booth if there was a session rolling along right there), as well as provide a strategic liaison to where ever the after hours sessions are.

We’re doing tunes in Helena for a couple of days ahead of the Butte fest, so c’mon up if you can spare the time.

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Thanks Zina and Will for the warm welcome.

We can actually cram quite a few people into (and around) our booth -- no problem! Maybe we should post a “session headquarters” sign or something of that sort. By the way, Richard failed to mention that we will also be selling the PVC flutes he is making….



Hi Richard, Hi Aimee!!!

I miss you, the session folk here in SB miss you, and most of all, the vast grazing hords of corgis drinking single malts late into the evening miss you.

Nice to see you here,


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Re: Hello and see you in Butte

Looking forward to it as well, also to trying the PVC flute! 🙂


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Hi, Richard and Aimee! Ryan and I will be there on Saturday, hopefully, as festival volunteer workers. It will be fun to play with you again.

Alice Flynn

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Hi Eliot! We miss you and all of our other former SB session pals too. In fact, we really miss having a regular session to go to -- the closest one (in Bozeman) is a three-and-a-half hour drive away! Which reminds me…

Hi Alice! Sorry we haven’t been up for a session in a while (the usual excuses), but I guess we’ll see you in Butte next week. Sounds like it will be a fun festival -- we’re really looking forward to it.

Hmmm…vast grazing hordes of corgis. What a delightful thought!