Let’s get CRACKing :O)

Let’s get CRACKing :O)

How is everyone doing with their submissions for the Mighty Crack Album? As you can tell from the subject heading, I am anxious to hear everybody. It will be rather like meeting each of you for the first time!

fiddleronvermouth should have mine any day. It was recorded on a ‘ghetto blaster’ in the quietest room in my house (the thinking room).
Anyways, I think of it as a musical handshake, and look forward to ‘shaking hands’ with as many of you as possible.

Can Zina or Kerri give us an update? How about the latest from all those who are taking part?

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Hi there.

Sorry but I’m quite new at The Session and this takes me by surprise.

Could someone tell me what’s this Mighty Craic Album thing about?

Can I contribute in any way??

As far as I understand reading your post it looks very interesting.


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Hi, Toni. There are three threads which discuss this. The first one was started on September 30, and is called The Session Recordings: A Borrowed Idea. The second thread is titled something like "The Session Recordings Track List", and the third one is called
"The Mighty Craic", or something similar. It would be wonderful to have you on it. Check out the previous threads for the details, and put a tune or two on tape, or create a digital file, and forward it. Zina and fiddleronvermouth will look after production, and all of us will contribute to cover costs of production, mailing, etc., and in the end, we will have a CD with a tune from everybody who contributes one.

So, check it out, and LET’S GET CRACKing! :O) Have fun, that is what it is all about…

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Thanks scotty.

I will.


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Will, are you able to record yet? How’s your wrist doing? I think you should do "Bang Your Frog" for sure… heh.


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So far, take 2:

The Rights of Man/The Seanamhac Tube Station/Temperance Reel
The Foggy Dew

Maid Behind the Bar
Mist on the Mtn/Molloy’s Favorite
Maggie in the Woods

Virginia Reel/Galtee Ranges/Toss the Feathers (2)

The Butterfly
The Devil’s Dream

The Pipe On The Hob/The King Of Pipers (which one, Jeremy?)

Packie Manus Byrne’s/The Drunken Landlady
Merrily Kiss the Quaker or Kid on the Mountain

an phis fliuch/sweeny’s buttermilk/I buried my wife/fraher’s/garret barry’s

Bobby Casey’s (the low one)/Within a Mile of Dublin

Donnybrook Fair
Rose on the Heather

Newmarket Polkas Set

Tar road to Sligo/?

Silver Spear
Dennis Murphy’s (polka)

Mother’s Delight/Mountain Road/Star of Munster

The Leitrim Fancy/Old Apples in Winter

Please join us and post what you’ll be doing below! Kerri, have you received any on your end yet? Do you want me to send you Glauber’s and mine snail mail, or in e-format as an AIF file or what?


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Now that i figured out how to record on the PC, i could re-do my parts and send them as MP3 or WAV, if this is desirable (but i’m afraid without the tape hiss i’ll have to find another way to cover up my mistakes!).


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Hello everyone.
Couple of questions:
- I got the impression most of the contributors to this album live in the States. Am I right?;
- how is the project coming along?;
- could I, as non-contributor (I been playing Irish tunes on the accordeon and tinwhistle for years now, but with more enthousiasm than talent I’m afraid), get my hands on a copy;
- now here comes the tricky bit: round about St. Patrick’s Day 2002 I’ll be opening a shop in Amsterdam, selling Irish cd’s and books, also via the Internet. I might be interested in promoting and/or even selling this album over here in the Netherlands.

I apologise sincerely to everyone who might be offended by my mentioning something so blatantly commercial. I fully understand this site is meant for to discuss musical matters only.
In other words, if you want me to shut up about this, I most certainly will.
All the best,

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So many things to mention: #1: Scotty, I did receive your tape two days ago in the mail. I was so happy to see you included a phot for the cover, and I also thought it was a really good idea to record three different sets to give us some choice. I also thought it might be fun to take one that we DON’T use and play some other instruments with it on my computer - maybe forward it around and everyone could add something. Could be fun.

#2: For those who were not previously aware of the project, we are all going to slap some tunes onto a CD and pass it around for fun. Players of all levels are encouraged to submit. Send a tape, mini-disk, or CD to me (write fiddleronvermouth@hotmail.com for the address), and send MP3, WAV and other digital formats to Zina at her PO box, listed on one of the above mentioned threads. Include a full bodied 5X7 of yourself playing your instrument in kitchen-like light for inclusion on the album cover, to be cut and pasted together in a natural kitchen party setting (hopefully, if you’re still into it) by Caiomghghin (sp?)

#3: Dekziel, you could get your hands on a copy down the road when there is something to have a copy OF, by sending an as yet undecided contribution to the production cost. You do not have to play to get one, but you are encouraged to do so. (Ie, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours). That’s the point. We do not consider this album a commercial enterprise, as we don’t want to scare the beginners or the people without fancy recording technology, and because of the near impossibility of determining a profit sharing policy equitable to all contributors. Also, I can’t see it having much commercial value outside this community. (Although, I admit that since we don’t have it yet, we don’t know what it will be!)

#4: Keep it coming folks, don’t be shy! An update Zina? Got any interesting mail lately?

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Count me in for the project. It sounds great.

Just a question: are bands allowed, or it’s just an individuals project??
I might contribute with a set from the band I’m plying with , or just record a couple of tunes myself.
My band is called Timber & Tin ( I just posted the link a couple of days ago) and is composed of fiddle,
accordion, piano and whistle (that’s me).
We all regularly play at the same session than aniri in Barcelona (Spain). She actually introduced me
to The Session.
OK. Give me an answer and I’ll post something next week.


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I’d like to try the Red-haired Boy, Dinky’s and Brenda Stubbert’s Reel. What an interesting project do be involved in……I’m looking forward to hearing the recorded results (yet another way to get to know everybody a bit better!)

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Whatever you like, Toni. I wouldn’t bother getting too fussy about the recording quality or anything, though.

I’m adding another set to my choices:

Belles of Tipperary (The New Policeman)/Jackie Coleman’s/Bunker Hill


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I’d be fascinated to hear a few tunes from a band in Barcelona! If you have a tape, CD, or mini-disk recording, email me for my mailing address at fiddleronvermouth@hotmail.com. Zina is taking the MP3, WAV, and whatever other digital files I’ve never heard of.

It’s coming along. We have a few submissions in our hot little hands already.

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Zina, you can revise my contribution to be "Fig for a Kiss/The Butterfly" and "The Devil’s Dream". I like how the first 2 work as a set! 🙂

I hope to get something on tape during the slow week between Xmas & New Year’s.


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Toni sent us:

Anything for John Joe?/Ships are Sailing /The Wild Irishman

Feel free to keep adding, y’all — the more the merrier!


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Whistlin’ Fool is recording: My Fair Young Love