Custom Combs?

Custom Combs?

Merry Christmas !!!

Quick question…. wondering WHO does Custom Comb milling for Harmonicas?

I’ve finally narrowed my diatonic choices down two 2 brands, but I was hoping to get one or both of 2 customs done to them.

1. Round Holes (like Chroms)
2. I dont know how to describe this—- the length of the comb front (mouth area) is Concave (curves In). (Opposite of chroms)

I think #2 is more feel/comfort on the tongue, and #2 is more about better filling of the hole.

That’s all.

Now I guess I gotta save up to buy a bunch of cheapie harps and start learning to tune up and do slight cleanups and fixes.

Well, hopefully I’ll have something constructive to offer the group in the New Year, rather than just questions (grin).

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Re: Custom Combs?

I can’t help you on this and suspect that is a rather heavy harp question for this site, where harmonica is very much a minority instrument. Probably the best place to ask this sort of question is on the Harp-L mailing list, which includes some exceptionally knowledgeable folks. You can sign up (and browse the archives) here…