Technical query

Technical query

My home PC has developed a curious annoyance - when I go to look at a Recording on TheSession, the details come up and all the tabs etc are there but the Track numbers don’t appear. ie what I get is a long list of all the tunes on the recording.
Not the end of the world, but anyone got any ideas why, and how to fix it?


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If you ask questions like this, you need to provide potential helpers with more information:

Q. Which operating system are you using ? e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux?
Q. What is your operating system version number?
Q. Which web browser are you using? e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.?
Q. What is your web browser version number?
Q. Which recording were you browsing when the problem occurred? (Post a link to it in this thread)

Re: Technical query

Q. How much Glenfiddich did you ingest before the problem manifested?


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Re: Technical query

Mix - pardon me -
Internet Explorer
It happens irrespective of the recording chosen
I’ll post more details asap

Will - I’m a Talisker man myself 🙂

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That’s a bit strange… the numbers are generated by an "ordered list" tag in html (<ol><li>item1</li><li>item2</li></ol>), and your browser should be able to display that…

If you go here: - do you get the numbered list on the right side?

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As reverend says the tracks are within ‘ordered list’ tags. It could only be IE that isn’t rendering (fancy eh?) them properly. Are you using a recent version - IE6 is known to have a lot bugs (the current version is IE8).

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I got the result =

"An Ordered List:
1. Coffee
2. Tea
3. Milk "

Re: Technical query - wierd

Wierd - when I tried to copy the listing of a recent recording (which showed no track nos. on my screen) then pasted it into this "reply" posting, the track numbers appear!!!

Submitted on February 23rd 2009 by niall_kenny.
1.The Mock Breton
The Periwig

2.Marlene On The Wall

3.The Trumpeter
The Sand Dancer
The Clumsy Lover

4.Still Waters
Salmontails Down The Water
The Storm

5.The Terror Time



8.Anach Cuain
The Scorpion On The Stage

Sometimes cut & paste works …

On a traditional website you should be able to use a non - updated browser. Besides, I tried to emulate it on IE7 but the track #s keep coming up. Why can’t it be something simple like a well placed tap of the fist on a coke machine or the *fine - adjustment* on the old cathode ray TVs?

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I use the latest version of Firefox and I DO NOT GET A NUMBERED LIST!
The display is perfectly ordered top to bottom and evenly spaced
with a space line between each recording, but there is NO number in front of the recording name.
So using Firefox doesn’t help.

May have something to do with how you have Java Script enabled/setup?

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Sorry :(
Having just played about with the above I realise that I’m looking at the list of NEWEST Recording - which doesn’t have a Numbered list !
When I go into an actual named recording THERE IS a number on the left.

So Firefox works…….

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Using Mozilla Firefox (updated itself recently) & the latest recording has track #s;
Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie
Battlefield Band
Submitted on February 23rd 2009 by birlibirdie

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Re: Technical query

domnuli -

It can’t just be IE6. I use IE6 myself, and don’t have the issue that you mention.

I’m thinking that maybe the problem arises because you don’t have Javascript enabled.

If you don’t know how to enable JS, this site has a guide:

Re: Technical query

Mix - i doubt that its do with javascript. If it is disabled the opening page has the tabs stacked on each other. I would reccommend upgrading IE6 has it has security problems - google IE security.

Re: Technical query


Yes, you are correct. Just tried disabling JS on my own machine to see what happened, and the result as exactly as you said. Admittedly, my suggestiion was something of a blind guess, but a blind guess is the best that I could do, bearing in mind that the person who has the problem failed to provide all the information that was needed to resolve it.

However, this simple test does serve to illustrate that the display of a particular website can be affected by the configuration of a web browser.

We know that recordings display correctly on other machines running Windows + IE6, so IE6 in itself cannot be the cause of the problem - more than likely, merely the configuration of it.

If domnull’s computer was displaying the recordings correctly, then suddenly lost that functionality, something must have been changed. If we knew what had changed, we would be able to supply the answer. But to have a cat’s chance, we would need a lot more information than has been provided so far. Only the user can provide us with that, but as he/she can’t be bothered, I for one won’t be spending any more time on assisting to resolve it.

Regarding my own machine, I’m running IE6 6.0.2900.2180 (the sub-version with all the security updates). I also have all the Win XP seccurity updates, so I’m not particularly concerned about that.

For the record, I did work in the IT business, and I can assure you that more problems are caused by hasty upgrading than are caused by leaving it as late as possible to do so. The one exception to this, of course being security and anti-virus upgrades.

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The PC in question was displaying recordings correctly until a few weeks ago, so I can’t see that it’s an IE6 problem. I also cannot think of any updates or changes that I have made in that time.

I have not had access to the PC since my original posting 2 days ago - this certainly does not equate to "can’t be bothered" and I am disappointed that such a conclusion could be jumped to so readily.

As I said before, I shall "post more details asap" ie as soon as I can.

Re: Technical query - now OK?

Now back on the rogue PC, and reset Java(/script) to default setting and things appear back to normal - just hope it lasts! I’ve certainly not tinkered with them, but then we have got 2 teenage sons……………..

Thanks all