Yitamusic Violin or Viola

Yitamusic Violin or Viola

Has anybody bought an instrument from these people? ( I cannot afford a violin case for $463 dollars , some of us are financially challenged )

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I bought a Yita fiddle a couple of years ago, but have never liked it. It looks beautiful, but I find it heavy in weight, and I don’t care for the tone. I had it set up with a new bridge and soundpost by the Violin Shop in Hexham. The fiddle is now up for sale.

I’ve probably been spoiled because I was given a nice old fiddle about the same time. I have one of their cases, which has been a good buy.

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I bought two 3/4 size violins from them a while ago for two fiddle pupils, whose mother could only run to a certain budget. these violins were excellent value as student instruments, much better than I could have got for the same price locally.

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Hi - I bought a T-18 model. I’ve owned a couple of violins and am very impressed with the fiddle. It is nicely flamed and well constructed. Whoever made the violin took some real time to get the pegs right - tuning is a breeze. It has a nice mellow sound with the Dominants I put on it. The case is a hard/soft cushion case that I could probably stand on and not break. I did replace the bow with a better Yita IPE bow and it approaches the Aspire carbon fiber bow I once owned. All this for under $300 including shipping(4 days from China to Minneapolis).

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I haven’t bought a fiddle but I bought Yitamusic cf bow for $87 (Aussie $).
I like it better than my previous $125 cf Chinese bow. The manufacturing
quality is better - the balance is good,
tension fairly low - less bow shake - sounds ok I guess
on my not so great Paesold ‘intermediate’ fiddle. Lots of hair - which is
the main reason why I bought it. The shipping and fees
were included; they used a pvc pipe for shipping.

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Hey, so did I! Same. Can’t buy bows here at all. Good value, great service, very quick. The Old Violin Shop is another option. I bought a Chinese violin from them that I am very happy with, with a nice tasteful sturdy case (no bow). Very reasonably priced. Good value, great service again.

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I have one, and Case and Bow, got another for my daughter as well, Both lovely fiddles, and are complimented by those in the know that hear them.

Google Yita fiddles and its all good.

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Perhaps the quality of the product should not be the only consideration in buying an instrument. It strikes me that people in general, and Irish people in particular, should think about the moral implications of buying from a state that conducts forced sterilizations on Tibetan women, that kills prisoner to sell their organs, that has (according to a recent Channel 4 (UK) documentary) concentration camps in Tibet, that is trying to kill off an indigenous culture and its people. Wouldn’t you be happier playing with a less than perfect fiddle, knowing at least that you weren’t funding genocide?

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Oh lordy - every country on earth has blood on its hands. Its just
a question of how much and your tolerance level. By that standard
you’d have to boycott the UK, USA, Russia, Germany and Japan
and a few others for what they’ve done.

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Germany? Japan?
If they were NOW being run by Fascist dictatorships and were committing atrocities against their own people then I would of course boycott them. Your statement seems to be just a excuse for dealing with anybody no matter what they do to their population, as long as it benefits you. The Chinese factories are run by the state, and anyone who cases about human rights, or disagrees with the atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese government should avoid funding them.

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Actually, "By that standard…”?
What the hell do you mean?
I think that forced sterilizations, infanticide, random use of the death penalty, kills prisoners for their organs (including people accused of unlawfully appropriating electricity), and countless other atrocities are things that any normal human being would find abhorrent. Do you think my standard for humanity is unduly high? Do you think cheap fiddles are worth the price anyway?

"Its just a question of how much and your tolerance level.”
Clearly your tolerance level for the suffering of random foreigners is pretty high if there’s a bargain in it for you!

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So we (and everyone else) stops buying these fiddles. The luthiers in these workshops suddenly are made redundent. Great!
NOT . You talk twaddle mate.

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It’s really a question of human rights. Not buying Chinese violins is a matter of exerting political pressure. In supporting the brutal Chinese state you show clearly your indifference to those suffering at the hands of the Chinese state. Any rational human being ought to care more about the brutalization of a population than about the jobs of luthiers who fund the dictatorship. I’m sure jobs were lost during the embargo on Hittler’s Germany. How ignorant, racist, and imperial your small minded attitude is! I mean to say, why should you care about the victims? after all they’re not white…

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I find it extraordinary that some people who claim an interest in Gaelic music and culture are so indifferent to the systematic persecution of an indigenous population by a brutal invading force intent on destroying every facet of native culture. It’s a sad state of affairs. The idea of a principled “Boycott” of an unjust and oppressive regime should not be unfamiliar to anyone versed in Irish history.

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Yes, that’s right. I’m calling you inhuman, racist morons!!!

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Re: Yitamusic Violin or Viola

wait, you’re calling us inhuman and racist morons? or were we racist morons already and now you’re calling us inhuman?

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Whistleblower has a valid point. But are not some of these companies operating from Taiwan and other parts of the East? Does whistleblower boycott every high store that sells cheap chines manufactured clothes? electronics? What about the other corrupt regimes our society supports? Which part of the machinery of ‘civilisation does not operate in hand with the various regimes around the world? I agree China is an extreme example but their behaviour is replicated throughout the world in varying degrees. What about the computer you are using? Which parts were sourced from China Whistleblower?

Re: Yitamusic Violin or Viola: Human Rights or Money?

I assume that every computer available in the world contains Chinese parts. (Or at least my search for one that definitely doesn’t has been fruitless.) This is part of the monstrous world of corporate globalization. I don’t buy anything Chinese unless (as with computer/ electronic parts) there is no available alternative, or there is no indication that Chinese parts are used. I don’t buy Chinese clothes, and don’t shop anywhere that sells them. And I don’t trade with other savage or terrorist regimes either, (e.g. Turkey, Israel, Zimbabwe, etc.

Taiwan makes very good violins, and doesn’t commit the crimes against humanity so common in China, (some of which I listed above). My main problem with buying musical instruments (among other things) from states with deplorable human rights records is that it takes a high degree of indifference to the worst human suffering. It really is just like trading with the Nazis, in full knowledge of what they’re doing. I’m sure many people would avail of cheap products if they were unaware of the suffering that they were inadvertently supporting, but those who would jump at ‘bargains’ made by slaves or by those who knowingly support a regime which supports slavery are savages. Music is centrally important to being human, and those who would fund the slaughter of their fellow human beings in order to get a cheaper musical instrument are simply monsters. How can music lift your soul if its mired in blood?

Again, Wouldn’t you feel better playing an ordinary fiddle that you knew didn’t fund rape and murder, rather than an inexpensive faultless classical violin you knew did?

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Whistleblower slow down before you blow a gasket. Interesting how you equate Israel along with your very narrow minded view of what constiutes a terrorist regime. Such a statement could in itself be considered racist. If you really believe that stopping the violin industry in china is going to change their regime into a more humanitarian one you’d better think twice. Many of the people employed in such factories have raised their standard of living though, and these people are not their government. By the way, there were plenty of those Nazi made violins floating around our country at the beginning of WW11, and they are highly prized today. Equating everyone who purchases a chinese violin as a supporter of a terrorist regime is simply put a stupid statement . Your black and white political philosophy is more dangerous than the chinese regime. If you are going to completely avoid every chinese product in this country good luck with that. If you slip just once, you are as guilty as you claim everyone else to be.

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“Interesting how you equate Israel along with your very narrow minded view of what constitutes a terrorist regime. Such a statement could in itself be considered racist.”

Why is that? The Israeli regime killed 1300 people in January this year, almost all civilian, over 300 were children. 13 Israelis were killed by Gaza’s terrorist government
The Israeli state claimed that their response was “proportionate”. 100 Palestinians to every Israeli is proportionate? No, this is fascism and terrorism. Where’s the racism? Surely we don’t want to say that every Israeli life is easily worth 100 Palestinians! Is Amnesty International also racist for opposing this mass murder? You seem to be the person who doesn’t care about the mass murder of dark skinned poor people by a US funded terrorist regime.

The reason not to buy Chinese violins is not that this will immediately bring about a n end to the brutal dictatorship. Rather it is because in funding the totalitarian state, you fund forced abortions in Tibet & in China, forced sterilizations in Tibet, infanticide in Tibet, routine death penalty for organ sales, routine use of rape and torture as means of terrorist domination.

“…there were plenty of those Nazi made violins floating around our country at the beginning of WW2, and they are highly prized today.”

I’m not disputing the quality of the instruments. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t fund the Chinese concentration camps in Tibet, just as America and various European countries should not have funded Nazi concentration camps.

“Equating everyone who purchases a Chinese violin as a supporter of a terrorist regime is simply put a stupid statement .”

Is this meant to be an argument? (I didn’t think so!) If you willingly support the Chinese dictatorship, knowing the terrible atrocities they perpetrate on a daily basis against their own people and against the Tibetans, then it is pretty clear: You are knowingly supporting a terrorist state!

And if you think that rape, torture and murder are an expectable price (more gift of purchase perhaps) for cheap violins, then you are simply inhuman. If you knew that Irish people were being raped and murdered, and that your non-essential purchases funded the regime that perpetrated it, (thereby funding the crimes against humanity), would you still go for that bargain? Big deal right? After all, they’re not white! Considering your barbaric and frankly racist attitude, I honestly hope that you never have children of your own.

“Your black and white political philosophy is more dangerous than the Chinese regime.”

My view that natural morality should influence who we buy things from has not harmed anyone. It certainly has not killed 1,300,000 people in Tibet. My view that dark skinned people have the same value and the same human rights as white skinned people has never harmed anyone. My view that human rights apply to all humans has not caused the same suffering as the Chinese dictatorship. Irish people have historically used peaceful means to oppose brutalization of citizens by inhumane and authoritarian states. In the 1980s Margaret Thatcher, and others like you, opposed the principled boycott of South Africa over apartheid. The principle of the Boycott started in Ireland in opposition to the brutalization of the populace. (you may not know this, and you almost certainly don’t care.) The view that morality and human rights apply to everyone, no matter where they were born, is hardly more dangerous than the Chinese regime. (My moral views do no fund concentration camps in Tibet, yours do!)

To those of you who don’t know about what’s really going on even today in China and in Tibet, please look at this documentary from Channel 4, Dispatches: Undercover in Tibet. You can download it here: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4110415/Dispatches__Repressive_Regimes_Undercover_in_Tibet_2008_03_31_

Articles about the documentary:


I am constantly shocked by how many people don’t give a damn about the immense suffering their fellow human beings, and about the fact that they can either oppose it, or fund and perpetuate it. Among this “Irish Session Music” fraternity I find it particularly sad. Ireland has (up to Bertie Ahern’s corrupt government at any rate) supported the rights of Tibetans to humane treatment, to human rights, self-determination, bodily integrity. Ireland was the first country to bring the issue of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Chinese in Tibet to the United Nations (in 1960). I suspect that many of those who support the brutal Chinese system of oppression have no knowledge of similar oppression in Ireland; but it is indeed sad some Irish people have so little compassion for those who now share the same pitiful fate of their Irish forebears.

Re: Yitamusic Violin or Viola. Humanity or Money?

The reason to boycott the products (in this case musical instruments) of a brutal dictatorship is to exert pressure on the regime to respect human rights. Free trade with China (while either approving of, or remaining silent on, their appalling human rights record) has not improved the human rights situation there or in Tibet. If the money keeps flowing in, there is no incentive to treat their populace and the Tibetan people as human beings, as having actual value. In recent years Chinese human rights abuses have got worse once more, reaching a peak during the disgraceful Olympic games last year. How can people still be so indifferent to this savage abuse of humanity? I stand by what I said before: How can music lift your soul if it is mired in blood?

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I cant argue with your principles or points because you are correct. But I have to raise the plight of the fiddle makers. They make their living crafting these instruments. What possible benefit is to be gained by not buying their wares?
Surely its much more important to focus on Nike, the gap etc etc who mass produce consumer goods with slave/indentured labour? The whole world trade system is interwoven. Which society is not implicated? Which part of your mobile phone? which part of your car? your TV, your PC, the food you buy in the supermarket etc etc [ forgive me if you dont have a phone/car/tv/pc/ and buy local organic produce]

Where does the gas and the electricity we use come from? what part of society is not deeply interwoven in this shameful trade?
What real effect will not buying these fiddles have on the world? surely energy is berst focused on larger commercial operations? Mining, Oil, Natural Gas, Cars consumer goods. ?
Its simply not possible to distance ourselves from complicity unless we can truly source all our needs within a local ecologically sound self sustaining community. Where does the wood from any of our instruments come from? The beef we eat… etc etc etc [ again forgive me if you are vegetarian]

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Good Violin wood comes from Europe. The flute makers I know get hardwoods from sustainable sources. And yes I am vegetarian.

"But I have to raise the plight of the fiddle makers. They make their living crafting these instruments. What possible benefit is to be gained by not buying their wares?"

The benefit is that boycotts result in policy change. The makers make around $600 per year, each instrument costs just a few pounds to produce, the very large profits go into funding the horrible oppression perpetrated by the dictatorship. Not buying Chinese violins is a small way of showing solidarity with the victims of the regime, and of trying os bring about a more humane, more democratic system. Buying Chinese violins as I have said, funds crimes against humanity, and doing so shows a staggering distain for human life. Do I want the Chinese makers to go out of business? Yes, and hopefully the boycott will force the dictatorship to bring about decent human rights there. I am still astounded that some people are so terribly indifferent to the great suffering their funding of the Chinese dictatorship causes. The arguments you use are the same as those used by the French government to continue their massive investment in Burma despite the mass disappearances in the aftermath of last years pro-democracy protests. It is sad.

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I still dont see how putting half a dozen small craftmen out of business is going to do anything to wards stopping oppression, I mean its only their tax and then only a small percentage of that is going top be directed to immoral aims. Should all Americans stop paying ta x so as not to fund their military invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? Should we boycott all American goods as well as Chinese? Same with The British.
You still haven’t answered my points regarding all the things you use that are sourced from corrupt regimes such as the Chinese, Russian Gas? you use a mobile phone? wear cotton? Where does the cotton in your shirt come from? The PC you use likely has parts made in China, so you are doing exactly what you protest against; Supporting chines Business and so thereby supporting the Chinese government in their oppression. What about the server this site is on? the electricity that it runs on….
Dont get me wrong, I admire your determination and principles, I just feel we are all, to some extent complicit through our lifestyles and through the society and cultures we are part of.

How do you justify using a PC with Chinese made parts? Do you wear cloths made in sweat shops? How do you know where they are made?

Re: Yitamusic Violin or Viola. Indifference to Human Rights in Pub Session Culture.

You really don’t seem to understand the nature of a boycott. Your argument is the same as Margaret Thatcher’s: She said that buying fruit from South Africa surely doesn’t harm anyone, and boycotting South African fruit will not make a major difference. Some American companies used similar arguments to justify breaking the embargo and trade with Hitler before the war.

Most of your questions were answered above. So as already I pointed out:
"I assume that every computer available in the world contains Chinese parts. (Or at least my search for one that definitely doesn’t has been fruitless.) This is part of the monstrous world of corporate globalization. I don’t buy anything Chinese unless (as with computer/ electronic parts) there is no available alternative, or there is no indication that Chinese parts are used. I don’t buy Chinese clothes, and don’t shop anywhere that sells them. And I don’t trade with other savage or terrorist regimes either, (e.g. Turkey, Israel, Zimbabwe, etc.)"

I do not buy clothes that are made in sweatshops. I buy European clothes. They are available, and sweatshop clothes are easy to avoid. Likewise I don’t buy wood from Indonesia or other fascist countries or countries that destroy and do not replace forests. "How do you know where they are made?" I look at the label and trust they’re not lying. It is practically impossible to boycott all American or British goods. Ireland has sadly made itself dependent on foreign trade even for food. But by all means Americans and British people and the rest of us should at least try to publicise the arms companies etc., and eventually kill them off. Given that morons and traitors in Ireland have now passed a constitution that will make the arms companies a component of the EU government, also involving the loss of self-determination in Ireland, the immediate prospects for a more humane system seem to be dead. War Criminal Tony Blair is likely to become president of the European military state, and we should certainly cause some trouble if this barbaric plan goes ahead. But if we don’t at least try to influence these brutal states by boycotting their produce we are worse than those who traded with Hitler (because Hitler’s crimes against humanity were not common knowledge, whereas the crimes of China and similar regimes are common knowledge).

Given the moral depravity of the EU and the Irish government, by using electricity support is given to authoritarian countries. Due to the moral depravity of computer corporations many parts are only made in China. If I can possibly avoid it I do not buy from China. We can avoid buy instruments from China. The instrument factories are a part of Chinese industry. And as I said, if you buy instruments from China you are funding, facilitating, and openly supporting torture, rape, and murder. It’s not all that complicated.

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Fair enough. But like I said, if you buy computer parts made in China you are funding, facilitating, and openly supporting torture, rape, and murder. It’s not all that complicated.

Re: Yitamusic Violin or Viola

I think there’s a clear difference. It’s the avoidable nature of the instrument purchase that is deliberate support for Chinese attrocities. Given that computer use is in reality necessary to function in this society, it is simply not an option to go without a computer. As a matter of natural justice, civilized countries should make it possible to avoid having to buy anything from brutal dictatorships. The reason it’s not now possible is that civilization is pretty thin on the ground these days.

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Thats not necessarily true, though I still agree with you mostly. I myself only learnt to use a computer about 6 years ago.
It is in reality a lifestyle choice we make. Most of the world does not use computers.What about phones, Ipods, etc etc Mobile Phones are one of the worst! funding Wars in Africa. In fact pretty much the whole of Western ‘civilisation’ is built upon the blood and wealth of other nations stolen over hundreds of years. just by living in a society without making deliberate motions to redress the balance we are complicit.
I really feel supporting a few ‘by hand workshops’ we are infact bringing a small amount of this stolen wealth back to where it may have come from in a way. I mean, I have spent a lot of time in North Africa, not swanning around in hotels, but living rough with the local people. Every little help we can give is appreciated. Ok so these Violin deals are ‘on the books’ and so taxed, but who’s tax money does not, in one way or other , support the arms industry, the ruthless exploitation of ‘3rd world’ counties and people/resources etc etc . Live in this society without directly working for the betterment of the impoverished in our world and we are all complicit.
Now I fully support you in principle, but in practice, I financially support the violin makers in China. If by doing so I also support repression, well so do we all. If you have a mobile phone, run a car, eat from supermarkets, run a PC, watch TV etc etc then so do you.

Up till now I had’nt considered boycotting China, my wife is Chinese. I do however boycott Isreal, what decent human being wouldn’t?
I have to say that the PC/phone industry is a far bigger business than half a dozen workshops making fiddles.So too are Nike Adidas etc, what shoes do you wear?

Do you drink milk, eat cheese? these are a part of the beef industry.

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This is getting boring. It’s pretty clear what you think of the camps in Tibet. The same argument could be made in favour of buying violins made during Nazi regime. There are plenty of Chinese people who boycott Chinese goods, some those in Ireland who fled here in the 1960s for example. Your Thatcherite argument is the kind of thing that allowed South Africa to brutalize its black population for so long. Go for it, Ireland’s history is full of people who simply didn’t care about oppression as long as it was happening to others.

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The same argument can be made for buying Chinese made computer parts, your argument in fact. i just find it hypocritical of you to condemn me for doing exactly what you do, we both buy Chinese made goods. What our justifications for this are personal, we both justify to ourselves and others buying Chinese goods.

Re: Yitamusic Violin or Viola. Deliberately Funding Genocide.

What absolute rubbish!
Given that the disgraceful Irish government and the disgusting EU superstate have total indifference to the victims of Chinese human rights abuses, almost all the multinational corporations who run the countries of Europe (and America) use Chinese parts in their products. Just as the Americans deliberately mix GM grains and pulses into non-GM products in order to taint all of it (in an attempt to make all their exports GM, to thwart the environmentalist movement), so many (de facto) essentials in the modern world are automatically tainted by Chinese parts. If I refused to use a computer or phone I would lose my job. The corporations have made it impossible to avoid using Chinese equipment. So just as people in Nazi Germany could not avoid supporting the Nazi government, so people in the west are in effect being forced to own Chinese-made products (because no humanely produced products are allowed to be produced due to the neo-liberal capitalism which now diseases our world). Thus they are being forced to fund the Chinese state, just as the citizens of Nazi Germany were forced to support the Nazis. The western powers are forcing bloody hands on all their citizens. We cannot avoid giving some money to the Chinese. Some equipment made in the far east comes from countries with much better human rights. iAudio mp3 players are made in South Korea, and Taiwan and India also produce electronic parts.

The difference is that you are defending deliberate support for the human rights atrocities in China, by buying things that can easily be sourced from humane sources. You are in fact saying that we should never boycott any state no matter how terrible. Either you cannot grasp the distinction between unavoidably funding the Chinese dictatorship (which is a genuinely unavoidable part of living under the rule of our degenerate government) and going out of your way to fund Chinese atrocities, or you are indifferent to the atrocities and are just trying to deceive people into believing that there is no difference between the two cases (which is what Thatcher did). Shame on you!

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Must admit to being ignorant when I bought mine three years ago. Good discussion from all of you.
I would not buy one now. My T20 is a good sturdy fiddle which I can tak around without worrying about it getting squashed etc.
But if I had not been ignorant three years ago I would have not bought it at all.