Traditional Music Awards. Are they relevant?

Traditional Music Awards. Are they relevant?

The first Scottish Traditional music awards take place on 13th September in Edinburgh.

I do not wish to comment on these specifically, although I must say that some of the categories and nominations are a little bizarre to say the least.

However, I would like to know the opinion of the members regarding these type of Awards in general. Are they relevant at all? Do they serve to help promote Scottish music, ITM or other genres of folk music? Or are they just a form of commercialism/gimmickry which will only further dilute the music we love? I have my own views which lean towards my latter comment but I would like to know what you all think.


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Only certain types. Namely the Fleadh in Ireland. The quality is unbelievablely good & it lets the upcoming next generations of trad musicians pit themselves in aighe a ch

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I have heard comment about the BBC Young Trad awards that they have been made politically correct in that there MUST be entrants from North of the Border and from Northern Ireland, and (if you can find any), from Wales as well, rather than picking finalists on merit.
When the finals are judged, one year it must be someone English, the next year Scottish etc, again, instead of being on merit.
I have heard previous entrants agreeing with this as well.

Nevertheless, they serve a very good purpose in what they encourage but they should not be nationalistic.

Trad Website Awards

They obviously don’t have a best trad website award or TheSession would have won it!!
(creep creep).

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I must say that the likes of the Young Tradition Award can be a good thing - fixed or not. The fact that young musicians get a national radio platforn to perform on and that they encourage other youngsters by hearing what absolutely shit hot trad music there is around can’t be a bad thing.

I will also agree that the fleadh competitions [though maybe that’s not really waht you are on about] do provide real encouragement, especially to the very young. Our local branch in Newcastle has about 300 young musicians from far and wide and a big part in that is the competitions at the fleadhs. I’m not really into competitions meself but they do have their place nowadays.

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In my opinion, for what it’s worth, I can’t see them doing any harm. Most I’ve seen I wouldn’t disagree with - groups such as Altan, Dervish and Danu are some that come to mind in recent years and individual musicians like Tommy Peoples (I think he got TG4 musician of the year a while back) as did Paddy Canny. In fact they are another vehicle for getting trad out to the "great unwashed" in TV programmes, etc which also cannot be a bad thing.

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Gobsmacked by geoffwright, shouldnt be nationalistic?

what on earth should a "Scots" traditional music award be?


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Peter, I was talking about the BBC Young Tradition awards which should ignore where you come from. John initially mentioned the Scottish Traditional awards which quite rightly are nationalist.
I will say that National Music seems to be encouraged in every other country except England.

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here we go again, competition and music.
‘Nar nar na nar nar, I’m better than you-oo"

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I’m with Michael here. I like to think that music is something we do with each other, rather than to each other.


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"Traditional Music Awards. Are they relevant?"

Of course not.

chris smith

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Thanks for your comments. I wasn’t really referring to the competition scene as such (That has been debated before) but the type of award ceremonies where so called experts and pundits sit in judgement on the merits of those who have nominated to a short list by other so called experts and pundits.This , I feel, gives a rather limited insight into what’s happening in traditional music.