“Damhsaí Cúplaí Thír Chonaill” ~ Brilliant!!!

“Damhsaí Cúplaí Thír Chonaill” ~ Brilliant!!!

“Damhsaí Cúplaí Thír Chonaill” / "The Couple Dances of Donegal"
: Traditional Music and Dance from Donegal
~ & two clips, a highland! 🙂, and Vincent Campbell

Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí
Donegal Fiddle Music

Scoil Cheoil Frankie Kennedy

This begins with "The Story Of The Dances", with beautiful pictures of Donegal, great characters, music and heart, and it has my heart going. I love it and recommend it highly. It makes us homesick. (My wife plans to take my ashes back there…) Many of the older characters I had the joy to share music and dance with are now gone, but there are a few of the ‘younguns’ still carrying on the craic, including here, and some lovely lilting too…

Here’s more on this highly recommended DVD from the notes on the CD case and the website. Bless them for putting the hard work and heart into this brilliant and uplifting welcome ~ step into the house for a bit of music, dance and general carry on… If your looking for good examples to carry your understanding of this music forward ~ listen, watch, and smile…

~ A selection of couple dances from Donegal produced by Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí in conjunction with Scoil Cheoil Frankie Kennedy.

The Couple Dances Of Donegal DVD Features:

The Dances: Highland, Barndance, Corn Rigs, Germans, Mazurks, Peeler & The Goat, Marine, Palais Glide, Father O’Flynn, Éire Ó, Shoe The Donkey & The Military Two Step…

The Steps Danced Slow: Corn Rigs, Marine, Palais Glide, Éire Ó & Shoe The Donkey

The Dance Tunes: The Allamande, Temple House, Cotillion,
Muileann Na Maidí & Maggie Pickie

The Participants: Vincent Campbell, Jimmy Campbell, Peter Cambell, Paddy McMenamin, Anne Connaghan, Clement Gallagher, Raphael Meehan, Bríd Uí Dhomhnaill, Eithne Ní Dhomhnaill, Aidan O’Donnell, Danny Meehan, Jimmy Meehan, Rosabell Kerrigan, Eamonn Monaghan, Cití Seán Ua Chuinneagáin, Anna Ní Chuinneagáin, Anna Uí Chasaide, Nora Ní Chasaide, Seán Con Johnny Ó Beirne, Thomas Cunningham, Ciarán Ó Maonaigh, Máirtín Ó Dúgáin, Máire Mhic Pháidín, Packie Doohan, Veronica Doohan, Grace Anne Brady, Mícheál Brady, Caitlín Brady, Madge O’ Grady, Séamus McCarry, Madge McCarry…

There’s no category on site for DVDs, though I am considering entering a few tune heavy ones as ‘tracks’. This brought so much pleasure for me and lit so many joyous memories, even when dripping wet and being eaten alive by Donegal midges and mossies ~ that I had to share it, sing its praises…

Again, those of you who gave this time and life ~ Go raibh mile ma’agat!!! Many thanks!!! 🙂

Re: “Damhsaí Cúplaí Thír Chonaill” ~ Brilliant!!!

Thank you "c" for sharing this … it looks and sounds awesome. I’ll have to put the DVD on my wish list for after the local folk festival and the local show.

Re: “Damhsaí Cúplaí Thír Chonaill” ~ Brilliant!!!

I know you’ll love it. 😉