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One of the comments on there says that it’s an original piece by Martin Tourish, and to check out his website.

Just in passing I’ve seen that ad’ quite often on TV and the music and speed at which it’s played is everything I hate about the modern approach to Trad Music. This is probably just the mutterings of a stuck in the past cranky old git. so put no pass on it…Give me down that fiddle Bridie, and I’ll give ya a blasht of the Boys of Bluehill………

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“Thanks in advance, I would love to find the sheet music.”
Cue Llig.

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Hi Power27,

Just posted the music for the tune which is officially called “Súil Eile” - named after the TG4 slogan. However, everyone including myself just calls it the TG4 tune.

Also, I’d agree with Free Reed about the fast tempi in trad - it’s a really unmusical stylistic trait to pass over melody without getting the subtleties from the music. That’s why in this tune, there’s barely a melody of any subtle value in it - the emphasis was to be on different things so I hope in this case no major sins have been committed apart from maybe its composition to begin with! lol


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Shalom Martin…I absolve you..go and sin no more………. I’m not a lover of the Boys of Bluehill anyway.