Help with a name?

Help with a name?

Howdy all, I’m looking for any info one might have about the second tune played here-

It’s a really nice tune, in my opinion, and I don’t believe I’ve heard it anywhere else…

I attempted to transcribe it, but it’s not clear enough, especially in the second part, and he’s also just playing so fast it’s impossible to keep up.

This is my attempt at the first part-
T:Gan Ainm
K:Bmin (played on Eb whistle, transposed to Cmin)
|:B2dc- cAAc|~B2dc- cAAc|B2dc- cAAc|B2dB edcB|
|B2dc- cAAc|~B2dc- cAAc|B2dB edcB|dcAc B2z2:|


Re: Help with a name?

Lunasa , I think plays it . They give names to their sets , instead of listing the tunes separately . If I encounter the tune again , I’ll let you know which album/set it is on ( I have all of their recordings )

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