the $147.72 audio grade socket

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Well you might chuckle, airport, but the Gadget Lunacy Virus has already hit musical circles. Check out the Valgon rings:

“The Valgon Rings (TM) control and stabilize the oscillating air column on the outside of your instrument, resulting in reduced turbulence inside the bore.”

(Most of my customers prefer to keep their oscillating air column on the inside of their instruments, but I can’t speak for other makers!)

See the Valgon Rings in their glory at:

Imagine the surprise when you show up at the local session with those stuck to each end of your flute!

Hmmm, thinks. Maybe I should offer them in blackwood for blackwood flutes?

And why stop at flutes? Imagine Valgon Rings for Concertina, Tenor Banjo and Bodhran?


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“They help keep your sound centered and you will be able to feel the vibrancy of your sound, no matter where you are! ”


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Wow. Who knew making money was so easy.

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that website suggests an A/B comparison, saying,
“… to evaluate the sound without the Clock, you should place the Clock outside the house structure, for example on the front steps …”
The problem is, in most urban neighbourhoods that Clock won’t be there when you go out to retrieve it for the second part of the comparison.

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The advertising blurb says,
“The results are so profound that conductors, adjuticators (sic), teachers and audiences will immediately hear the improvment (sic) in your playing.”
So not just the sound? So it actually improves the embouchure, breath/finger coordination, breath control, phrasing, intonation etc, then? I can’t wait for the fiddle version!
Btw, as a retired patents professional I tend nowadays not to be too impressed by hype about patent protection in these websites. It seems the way things are going the number of bad patents (i.e. rubbish) far exceeds the good ones.

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Valgon Rings sound like a Star Trek themed sex toy.

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Oh darn, they deleted most of the hilarious reviews, oh well…

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Here are a few of them…

OMG - Finally, audio nirvana
Thesby Snacoil from Gullible, MO

As an audiophile, I’ve been a big fan of worthless add-on’s and cash sucking doohickys for many, many years. I have an innate trust in the goodness of the market to guide me in making proper product decisions, such as my Shakti Stones and green ink CD marker pens that I keep next to the Tice Clock. An entire industry has been built on the backs of guys like me, and I’m damned proud of that. Damned proud. But now I’m even more happy because the Wattgate has raised my audiophile experience to a whole new level of authority and acumen. After spending over $2,000 on new outlets, the difference I hear is nothing short of stunning and astonishing. Music sounds more like music. Quiet sounds more like quiet. The current flows so much more efficiently with these new outlets. Do they provide less resistance, less capacitance, and less inductance than my old outlets? No - but that is not the point. The point is that they sound SO MUCH BETTER. Yes, these are heady times we live in. I’m so happy to have more stuff that greatly enhances the quality of our lives together. I just wish that all of you could HEAR what these outlets sound like.

Crime Deterrent
Sunday, October 25, 2009
John Henderson, That’s Me from Unknown Location

I recently installed 4 Wattgate 381’s (so i could get the $7 discount) in my home. Later that night i noticed a light shining from outside my kitchen window- it was a burglar. I was scared but as he waved the flashlight around, the beam landed on the Wattgate 381, causing a laser- a frickin’ laser- to shoot out from it’s socket hitting the intruder square in the eye. Needless to say, i heard a piercing scream as he ran off like a scared little girly-man into the darkness of night. Thanks, Wattgate 381!

Great value for the benefit!
Sunday, October 25, 2009
God (formerly Alex) from Heaven

I plugged my daughter’s 23 year old boom box into this sucker and instantly ascended to Godhood. Now that I am ensconced in the pantheon of human dieties, I’ll be granting wishes. Any requests?

Dangerous in the wrong hands
Saturday, October 24, 2009
Alex from Baton Rouge, LA

Just a warning to any novices that are thinking of buying this product -- these sockets conduct inordinate amounts of current. I would not recommend attaching this to your wiring without a voltage transformer. It only takes about five microfarads to kill.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

AWESOME, I have been waiting forever for this product. Finally something to go with my custom vacuum sputtered unobtainium circuit breaker contacts and calibrated studio grade Romex. Now if I can just get the power company to get rid of those pesky scalar waves in my zero point energy transmission system, I’ll be all set. Hey, if you are reading this maybe you have advice on how I can attach my holographic ear bud drivers to my tin foil hat?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Bennett Prescott from New Britain,

Replaced my home theater wall outlet with the Wattgate and my TV EXPLODED from the inrush current that this product provided! Beware that some equipment may not be prepared for the undistorted clean power this outlet delivers!!!

absolutely stunning!
January 19, 2009
from Unknown Location

Having experienced disappointing results from the trickle charger used on our lawn tractor, I asked my neighbor (an audiophile, Radon remediation expert and climatologist)for advice. Without hesitation, he directed me to these outlets. The results have been simply AMAZING. After installing a fresh battery and a Wattgate outlet, the charger seems to work much, much better. My friend assures me that the Wattgate outlet delivers clean UNDISTORTED 60Hz power so that the linear circuitry of my $25.00 charger can deliver as it should. It MAY be my imagination, but I believe that even the headlamps provide better definition now…, no doubt a consequence of the CLEAN charging current. Thanks Wattgate!

Performance Anxiety Gone!!!
Sunday, January 4, 2009
Sleeping Like a Baby from Unknown Location

I used my first Wattgate 381 to plug in my alarm clock, and I no longer toss and turn with worry that my alarm won’t ring, and there is a richness of sound from the AM tuner that is remarkable. We bought 4 more, great price break, before Christmas, plugged in our tree, and it sparkles like never before. We gave one as a gift to my audiophile brother-in-law, who is always anxious that a cryogenically induced failure will damage his expensive equipment, and our generosity left him, “speechless”.

Friday, October 24, 2008
S. Hitzn Grins from India

I have nothing but praises for this Wattgate Socket.
I did not install it in the wall as most probably do, but laid it out on the floor so I and my friends could admire its gold plating. I do not have children but my Miniature Schnauzer seems awfully scared by its wonderous beauty. He will not go near it, and that is good. I once dropped a piece of tinfoil on it and its emissions lit up the room. The energy it released was such a powerful, spiritual event! I have tried several times since and have yet to observe the event with the same intensity. Such a performer, this Wattgate!

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Thank God it doesn’t cost more!

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Lazyhound: it especially improves rhythm.

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“The energy it released was such a powerful, spiritual event!”

Schnauzer, tin foil, Wattgate socket. Who needs the Large Hadron Collider?

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On second thought, slagging aside, my those Vogon Rings could sort out my playing.

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Vogon Rings? I suppose those would make your instrument recite horrendous poetry that would inspire the rest of your session to jump out of an airlock.

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Ah Douglas Adams how we miss you