Where are the sessions ??

Where are the sessions ??

I just realised there’s some important information missing in this great site: Where are the sessions held around the world??

Wouldn’t be great to have a “Sessions” section where we could post places where Irish sessions are being held?

Info to be posted: Country, city, venue’s name, address (and phone if known), date and time.

This would help us the musicians to find a session wherever we go on holidays.

What do you think??.
Sorry Jeremy, I know this means more work for you to be done.


Re: Where are the sessions ??

I agree with this in theory, but the reality is a little harder to control.

Sessions are often very fluid when it comes to scheduling and even location. I manage a Web site that accounts for the sessions in Rhode Island, and even in that tight geographical area changes occur relatively often and it’s a chore to stay on top of it.

I do post a warning to call a venue before driving any great distance, but I’ve heard from a few of my patrons that the people who answer the phone often don’t know or care about the sessions.

There is another Website, Sessioneer.com, which makes a good attempt at providing a session directory. It leaves all updating to the Web surfer who placed the original listing. In the case of a diligent user, it works great. When the user has less attention to detail, the information goes stale without warning.

So in this instance, designing the pages will be the lesser job compared to managing the logistics.

Take care,
John Harvey

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One of the best session resources for californians is www.slowplayers.org/California_Seisun_List.html . Contrary to the URL, this list contains regular sessions, not just beginner sessions. I’ll post this under links in the sessions section.


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Re: Where are the sessions ??

I’m perfectly aware of how difficult is to keep the information up to date, and I do agree that it should be up to the members to update the information. But I don’t think this should be a problem. The main purpose of this site is for the members to help each other.

I also know that many bar tenders don’t care about the music.
But I still think it would do no harm to have this information. Suppose you’re away from your place and you want to know if there’s a session nearby. If you have this information you can have a go dropping by or simply calling and asking. At the worst, you’ll find out there’s no session there. But it might be one !!

I already knew the Sessioneer web site, but I was thinking our fellows from “The Session” deserve this kind of info. … And it’s really hard to find sessions in most of european countries. Even in small places in Ireland!! Believe me.

All the best,


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If any of you wonderful people ever come to Beloit, WI, let me know, and I’ll host a session just for you! Wouldn’t it be grand!

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Hey, I really like that Slow Players site, John…I hope they enlargen it to nationwide soon, I’ll certainly be putting our slow session up there if they do.


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Whups, I mean, Joe! I liked the Sessioneer site, too…and saw some familiar “faces” while there!