Done deal Bouzoukis

Done deal Bouzoukis

There are two Bouzoukis for sale on

I dont know anything about those two, but seem a good price for someone starting out….



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Never heard of a McBride.

The Fylde Octavious is a nice instrument. It has a fixed bridge which tends to give it a bit more of a guitar like sound than the "bouzouki" sound you get with a floating bridge. It also is a bit shorter scale length (24 3/4 inches).

A new Octavious direct from Fylde in the U.K. is 929 pounds, which is over $1,000 euro so the price is not bad.


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McBrides is Waltons own brand i think,

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"own brand" usually means made in China. No probs with that if the design/build spec is ok - stress "if"

problem is that the same basic pattern can be used for instruments ranging in quality from entry level to professional

the instruments may look similar or even almost identical so it can be hard to know exactly what you’re buying

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