‘Out of Print’ recordings

‘Out of Print’ recordings

I wrote to Mick hanly two weeks ago about his music being ripped by all comers and he sent me this response which I think is brilliant

"How are ye Shylock,

To be honest I have been in the habit of sending people free burn copies of these two albums when they’ve enquired about them….so it would be a bit strange if I were to be kicking up a fuss about the downloading of them now. I was young and naive when they were done and unfortunately, the masters never reverted.
All told, I guess I’d prefer the music to be enjoyed rather than not,



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interesting, and in some ways reassuring that the artist wants his music to spread its wings without himself getting a direct slice.

reading between the lines here, someone else still owns the mechanical copyright to the recording, and as such its up to them how its distributed.

many years ago i wrote some (non itm) music, "gave" it to an at the time well known muso, who then re-arranged it, and to cut a long story short, i have no control over it, but i think the released versions are utter sh*te and would prefer to see them buried. it is technically deleted at present; however this stuff is still doing the rounds in its own small way.

i doubt anyone would avoid downloading it just ‘cos they learnt i dont like it.

what would the downloaders excuse be here?

if you want to download music illicitley, then go ahead; just dont pretend that its totally ok.

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i’d like to see Brendan Mullkere’s label back catelogue republished especially ‘Alana’ with Mandy Murrey (concertina) and co. and i’m sure there’s loads of stuff out there …

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