Around the world in 11 videos

Around the world in 11 videos

Some mates of mine have started a youtube-channel. You may not approve of this “celtic rock” thing but there is a little corner that you might enjoy.
Klick onto “playlists” and choose “Celtic music around the world”. There are clips from Moscow and Tokio, but the best is the Beers family playing The Connaughtman’s Rambles.
Do you know any other videos that would fit the bill? Suggestions please.
Remember it’s only about having fun.

Re: Around the world in 11 videos

There’s a good Breton clip in there behind the Dropkick Murphys (Fest Noz Niz Kerzu - I think…), but unfortunately the sound cuts out just when the music is really starting to kick in.

I have to admit, The Dropkick Murphy’s “Johnny…” clip strikes me more than anything else as the sort of thing the landlord might put on at nine o’clock, at a fair volume, to shunt lethargic denizens of a theme pub into buying more beer and drinking it faster. Even if such are very likely to be of lower than average intelligence to be there at all, this removes the threat of their coming to themselves, seeing the chains with which the globalist oppressor has bound them, and joining the board of Northern Rock to inflict a tsunami of chaos on the financial system.

Oops! They’d be too late. The directors of Northern Rock got in first, and did this a few years ago…