software question (nerd alert)

software question (nerd alert)

I have been using Cooledit 96 for some years
and now have a zoom h4n which came with
cubase 4 LE.

My question is should I load the cubase; will
it interfere with cooledit. It it better than
cooledit. Cubase says it is 32 bit.

I am running windows xp. Is the cubase
designed for this operating system? Any
thoughts on what’s better for windows 7
if, and when, I upgrade to that?

Does anyone use cubase and have


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This nerd uses Audacity - works great. Don’t know the other ones, though, sorry.

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At my school, where the computers are fairly ancient, cubase runs without a hitch (on xp). Don’t see why you’d have any problems. However, don’t know if there would be any conflicts between your software - though I don;t see why there would be.

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I dont know about Cooledit, but Cubase works perfect with XP.

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The main difference is that Cubase is multi-track and Cool Edit 96 works on single files. With Cubase you can record, process and playback several tracks at once and do overdubbing. Then, you can mixdown all the tracks to a stereo master file.

Cubase will also handle MIDI recording and you can use "virtual" synthesizers with a MIDI controller. It also can use VST plug-in effects in real-time. There are thousands of VST plug-ins available from many developers.

On the other hand, Cool Edit may be better at manipulating and tweaking individual files, as it is designed with many dedicated audio editing features — and has a "batch" mode that allows you to convert groups of files to another format if needed.

Cool Edit was eventually purchased by Adobe, and re-developed into Adobe Audition, which is a multi-track program similar to Cubase. You may want to consider "Audition" if you still prefer CoolEdit over Cubase.;

Cubase LE is the entry-level version of the Cubase line. If you like the program, you may consider upgrading to the one of the "professional" versions which will have more features. However, LE covers most of the functionality that many people will ever need, and it came free, of course, with your Zoom product.

Here is the Steinberg website with more information on the comparison of different Cubase versions. Cubase 5 is the most advanced (and expensive). BTW, Yamaha owns Steinberg at this point.

Main site:

Cubase comparison:

There shouldn’t be any conflict with having both Cubase and Cool Edit installed. There may be issues with your audio card being shared if both programs are running at the same time, but hopefully as you switch between them, the audio card will follow. Or you can just run one program at a time if there are any problems.

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Maybe you should have alook at reaper first, a lowcost shareware software which is higly acclaimed in professional circles!

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I’ve used Cubase and Cool Edit Pro on an XP PC with no conflicts. The main difference is Cubase is designed for heavy multi-tracking, arrangement etc, cool edit is nice for quickly editing sound files, although I think newer versions have sequencer abilities.

Anyway I don’t think you will have any trouble with conflicts with these apps.

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I had a big HD crash last year which meant replacing the drive and reinstalling the OS and applications. Fortunately, nearly all the applications and all the data (except for a few old emails) were backed up on an external drive. There’s a moral there somewhere.

However. I now cannot get my old and trusted Cool Edit to work anymore, for some inexplicable reason. I’m using the same OS (XP-SP3) that Cool Edit’s been used to, but CE now refuses to recognize the original licence and carefully saved passwords both for the main application and the various plugins. Actually, I discovered that CE would run in a restricted mode for a month, and then it shut down permanently and wouldn’t let me reinstall. It’s no good complaining to CE’s URL, because that only directs me to Adobe who will doubtless invite me to purchase Audition for some extraordinary bankrupting sum.

Ho hum. So I’m now using Nero’s Wave Editor, part of a suite of very useful media applications which is sometimes installed free on a new computer. Which is what the engineer kindly did when he sorted out my new HD and replaced the OS. Wave Editor, for my purposes, does all that I ever wanted to do with CE, with a few extra bells and whistles, and is significantly quicker. I now a happy hound (canis felix).

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Oh, I thought this was going to be another time travel question. Let me know when you need a nerd from the opposite side of the brain.

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lazyhound :

That’s what I thought might happen;
my cooledit requires reloading periodically.

Recently RealPlayer has taken over all the icons
and loads all my mp3. But I reset cooledit as
default and the mp3 still have RealPlayer icons.

From time to time cooledit goes back to the one month
trial and then I have to recognize the original license
and reload but so far it has always worked. I have
reloaded XP once or twice.

I am afraid one of these days a new piece of
software will bump CE.

Thanks all, for the replies.


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@dogma, I wonder if the reason why Cool Edit now needs a monthly reinstall may be that it quietly "phones home" to check that the licence is valid. And if "home", the Syntrillium website, is no longer around ….

One audio editing product that I think bumps CE is Audio Cleaning Lab 15 by Magix. It’s not too expensive (otherwise I wouldn’t be using it) and works at a fairly professional standard. It’s great for really detailed work. However, my choice for straightforward topping and tailing of a sound file is still Nero’s Wave Editor.