Experiences with Samson Q7 mike. Anyone?

Experiences with Samson Q7 mike. Anyone?

Hi all,

I am looking for a not-so-expensive microphone for live gigs. I used to use a Fishman V100 pick up, but I like the natural sound better for small venues.

I borrowed a Shure SM 58 a few times and it did the job well. Also it seems to be a kind of all time standard, together with the SM 57. Searching on the web for the SM 58 and 57 I found the Samson Q7 as an alternative for only 40% of the price of an SM 58 or 57, with more than enthusiastic reviews. Some reviewers state that it is even better than the SM 58. However some of the reviews are quite the opposite. So: which opinion is reliable, and that’s why I’d like to hear from you whether you had any experiences (good/ not so good) with it.

Thanks in advance.

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Samson is a cheap brand, hence the cost. I recommend spending the extra to get the Shure. The SM57 and SM58 are both damn near indestructible, but the SM57 is designed more for live instrument miking, and will have a slightly higher dynamic response.

All that said, ANY mic will sound better than a pickup. The biggest advantage to stepping up to the Shure will be slightly better sound, quality control, and durability. Shure’s are meant for the road.

RØDE Microphones!?

Yes, the Shures are as Jimmy said, pretty near indestructable, great workhorses, but another make of mics I quite like are from down under and have also recieved good reviews by others. As well as the mics I think the prices are generally fine too. I believe they are all now being made back in Australia in order to have greater control over quality. No problems I know of, but for a time they were being made in China, as happens with a lot of things. Here’s a link to their main front page ~


I admit a bias for multi-purpose condensers over dynamic mics…

Is its intended use just for your violin?

Another not so expensive option is AKG’s C1000S, another good multi-purpose condenser for under 100 quid/Euro…

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All good points. I absolutely love Rode mics, and yes, condensers are always going to be better. However, the OP mentioned a mic at 40% of the SM58 priceline, so I assumed he’s looking to stay at the Shure pricepoint or lower.

Shure SM58s ~ same price range hereabouts

Jimmy, in some of the places around here, Britain, the Shure SM58 costs a bit more than the AKG I mentioned, right around £100, list price £125…

Shures are cheaper your side of the Atlantic, over here, where Henk and I am, they are a bit more pricey… Rode’s M3, for example, can be found over here from between £70 and £80…

Re: Experiences with Samson Q7 mike. Anyone?

ceolachan -

I’m surprised. In the states the Shure mics are considerable less than the C1000S.

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That figures. I would love to buy an M3 for that price.

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A microphone for half that or less, yes, they can be had, and they are generally ‘cheap’. I would save my pennies and get something for the long haul… Think of that as another important extension, like your bow, part of the total package.

Jimmy, next time you pop over here… 😉

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Probably next year on the next visit to my wife’s family in Belfast. 🙂

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57’s are good all purpose mics that should always sound at least pretty good. The downside to them is you do have to be as close as possible to them to get the best sound. The sound loss is exponential for every inch you back away from the mic so they will work but you have to be almost frozen in place to get a good consistent sound.
Condenser mics are nice in some situations. AKG 1000’s are relatively inexpensive ones that will work but I like the sound of the 535’s better. You can have these mic’s placed further away from the instrument which is nice but, they are horrible if you are going to be playing in a noisy environment. They pick up everything, so if you try to use them in a place with a lot of ambient sound (like a pub) the gain settings you’ll have to use can lead to truly horrible feedback problems. Not recommended unless you are mostly playing in places where people are quietly listening, or you have someone really gifted with sound who can figure your system and place your mics just so.

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OP -

You know, if you do manage to work out a bit more in your budget, you may want to consider an Audio-Technica ATM350 clip on condenser. A number of fiddle players on this site have reviewed them well, and that would likely solve problems with positioning, feedback, sound-quality, etc. It will cost you a fair amount more, but if you’re able to make that committment to your sound, it will carry you far.

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Thanks for yor input Jimmy B, ceolachan and Twisty. Interesting stuff, though no real feedback (!) on the Samson Q7 yet. Jimmy, have you experienced that ‘Samson is a cheap brand’ (apart from the price of course)? Anyone else any experiences?

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Yes. I have a bit of pro-audio experience in recording and live sound, although not a great deal. I also managed a pro-audio department of a big music store for three years, and Samson is definately a cheap brand, along the lines of Nady. The pricepoint is attractive, no doubt.

I will admit to a small bit of snobbery as well, as microphone quality is an important topic to me. Often if you go with a cheap mic, you end up upgrading soon anyway, so you may as well spend a little extra (if you can, or course) and get a mic that will serve you well for the longer haul. It’s your sound we’re talking about here. I’m sure that is important to you. But, of course, I also understand budget constraints, as I am often prone to them. 🙂

Final note. Any mic will sound better than a pickup. I personally avoid pickups unless the application absolutely requires it, such as a musician who needs alot of mobility on stage. Otherwise, mics are ALWAYS the ideal way to go with any acoustic instrument.

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Here are some Q7 user reviews - which may help:

Clearly, the standard for this type of a dynamic mic is the SM58, which you could find for nearly this price if you’re a discerning shopper.

Depending on what you want, however, an inexpensive mic can sometimes do the job. I keep a couple of MXL 604s and a trio of Behringer B5s in my mic case because they can’t be matched for price versus performance (they are condenser mics, and require phantom power)

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Toppish -

I’ve some experience with the MXL mics, and they are quite good for the pricepoint. I’ve never used them for live purposes, however, only recording.

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"Final note. Any mic will sound better than a pickup. I personally avoid pickups unless the application absolutely requires it, such as a musician who needs alot of mobility on stage. Otherwise, mics are ALWAYS the ideal way to go with any acoustic instrument."

This is mostly true in the studio, but in live performance, not so.

There are a lot of variables that determine what the best equipment to use may be: the room, the PA, the monitors, the volume levels that you have to use. The most consistent sound through an acoustic guitar, for me, has come from a Baggs M1 Active pick-up through a Baggs Para EQ.

When a player is working in many venues, it’s important to have a few elements that are consistent. This guitar pick-up produces the most versatile and incredible guitar tone through electronics that I’ve ever experienced in my 30+ years of playing weekly on stage.

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I was trying to remember that but couldn’t find where I’d put mine, he Audio-Technica ATM350, ditto on what Jimmy says. It also works well multi-purpose. Sometimes you can find them on sale…

I’ve also used and love the AKG 535, that and Neumanns are my all time favourites, but ~ they are both out of the range of the discussion, I suspect…

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Sorry for the misaligned rant…………I missed the part of this thread being about a Violin mic.

Most of the fiddlers that I’ve played with in recent years use the Audio-Technica ATM350 or a model very much like it. It does require phantom power - easily provided on a board or through an external box like the ART Tube MP pre-amp, which are quite inexpensive. Placement of the mic seems to vary from fiddler to fiddler, but the sound is full and consistent.

For a fiddler, these days, I’d stay away from mics on mic stands, if at all possible, as you’re saddled to a single playing position, which over time can become uncomfortable - not impossible, just uncomfortable. (I look back at old photos of Kevin Burke playing into a mic - he seemed to be pretty comfortable, though).

Also, I agree with Jimmy B concerning violin pick-ups - the only ones that I’ve heard that sound remotely listenable have had lots of processing - and very little of the acoustic sound of the fiddle box.

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Took my pill - much better now………

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Yes I’ve used both Shure SM58 and Samson Q7 and not much difference really, the only thing I would say if you move away from the mic when using some power in your vocals it is much better with the SM58 from a distance of say 40cm than of the Samson Q7 which isn’t as good in that way so you need to stay closer to the mic but overall I was impressed for the price and the neat case you get when I bought myself one

This guy Ritchie Kotzen uses a Q7 mic and as you can hear from him singing live, it sure sounds amazing (not shure) then listen 😀

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I haven’t used a Q7, so can’t comment on quality, but there is a much more fundamental difference between it and an SM58: the SM58 is cardioid, which means it hears to the front and sides, but is deaf to the back (cable end). The Q7 is supercardioid (equivalent to an SM58 Beta) meaning the capture field is narrower, the deaf zone is about 45 degrees off axis to the side, and it does hear stuff from behind. Which is ‘better’ depends on how you want to use it, If the singer moves around a lot the wider capture of a cardioid is better, if they stay fairly still the super cardioid captures less stray noise from other instruments, and if positioned correctly is less prone to feedback. But the thread was about mics for fiddle not singing, and in that case neither the SM58 or Q7 is ideal as they both have built in vocal windshields. If you have to use a stand mic in this situation an SM57 is the baseline, but all the advice above about clip on mics is good.