Another Banjo stolen

Another Banjo stolen

Hi everyoneen , had me banjo lifted sat nite after a gig in st margarets london , some little twat ran past and grabbed it as we were loading d gear into our waggon . Its a Richelieu golden eagle , gold plated and engraved , i d appreciate it if ye could keep an eye out for it , there s a similar one for sale on ebay at the min but without the engraving , cheers
Mark Conyard.

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Good luck with it surf. I hate the loading bit, and usually make sure someone is at both ends at all times - but then I bet you do too, and this was just that slightly unguarded moment. I hope you get it back.

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A ‘wanted: to buy" sting might be in order…’s worked here with Kijiji or Craigslist.

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Argh… what a nightmare! You might check out the resources on this page about places to list your stolen instrument.

I had a friend whose bouzouki was stolen several years ago. He informed the luthier, and wouldn’t you know it, 4 months later, the jerk tries to pawn it, and the pawn shop said they’d need to contact the luthier to find the value. And so it was ultimately returned. (The funny part of that story is that there was also a banjo in the car when it was broken in to, and the thief didn’t bother to steal that… sounds like a joke… At least he didn’t leave any extra banjos behind!) 😉

Best of luck getting it back!

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best of luck getting it back.
why doesnt someone steal djembe drums?

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I’m definitely keeping a very close watch on my instruments now.

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That’s just dreadful. I hate hearing about musicians having instruments nicked. Destroys any faith one might have.

I really hope you get it back. If - or preferably when - you do, let us know, so we can get a bit of faith back.

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Re: Another Banjo stolen

A cynical banjo-hater like myself might suggest that at least it was one banjo removed from the gene pool.
But, on the other hand, I am a musician who is deeply attached to his instruments, so I also feel for you in your loss.
Loading-up at the end of a gig is a tricky situation, and you all need to keep your wits and your eyes about you. And don’t forget the story of The Young Dubliners ( what a cheek of a name ! ) who woke up in the morning in their Holiday Inn to discover that tour minibus and trailer had disappeared, complete with ALL the gear ! My old band never left anything in the vehicles after a gig.
Let’s hope you have good news for us soon.

More on stolen banjo

sun 14th feb 2010 at 00.45 hrs
two youths ran off with this banjo outside a pub on
st margarets road, st margarets, twickenham, middx
(just over the river from richmond, sw london)

it’s a CUSTOM INSTRUMENT with engravings on the gold-plated metalwork, the usual ‘R’ on the headstock, some wear on the back of the neck and a few small dents; fitted with a canadian SCHATTEN PICK-UP it was in a

CALTON CASE, a heavy, ‘black’ hard case with ‘green lining’ and unusually the destinctive calton case LABEL IS MISSING
plus ten packs of strings

a nightmare theft of a unique instrument in a class case when our guard was down for a few seconds, please keep all ears and eyes open for this one, a reward will be sorted

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Many thanks to all , i ll keep ye informed if it turns up

Re: Stolen Banjo reminder

more details above, but one month on, just a quick reminder :


RICHELIEU ”golden eagle” custom gold-plated banjo
outside pub after gig 14th Feb in the Twickenham area
in a black CALTON CASE (green lining / no label)
any info please 07989 969611