Tunepal - Coming next week to Android!

Tunepal - Coming next week to Android!

Hi guys

Just to let you know that Tunepal, the music search engine for traditional music will be available next week for Android mobile phones such as the HTC Hero/Legend/Desire and the Motorola Droid X. Tunepal for Android is 100% feature compatible with Tunepal for iPhone:

- Search a database of over 13,000 compositions (including the entire thesession.org collection)
- Search by title or by playing a phrase on a traditional instrument.
- Tunepal works with tin-whistle, flute, uilleann pipes, concertina etc. Even in noisy sessions
- Play in non-standard keys, such as Eb, B and F
- Retrieve the ABC notation, play it back or view the stave
- Play back using 128 high quality MIDi instruments, speed up, slow down or transpose playback.
- Rotate your phone to get a landscape view of the stave
- Track your retreved tunes on the map

Tunepal for Android even supports speech to text, so you can search for a tune by saying the name!

View a youtube demo of Tunpal for Android here:


Also read a great profile of the Tunepal project in today’s Irish Times:


And follow Tunepal on the facebook page:


All for just $4.99!! Tunepal will be available for purchase on the Android Marketplace in countries that Google allows paid apps and on the SlideMe marketplace in all other countries (including Ireland)


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Good work! Any chance of a Symbian version?

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Great news Bryan. Well done!

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Yea - Thinking about a possible Symbian version, or maybe Maemo or Windows Phone 7.

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Is there any current version of Tunepal that works on a home computer, as opposed to a mobile device? If yes, where can this be downloaded?

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Of course. No install needed. tunepal.org is the browser hosted version. If you are looking for an offline version, you could try the old version of MATT2 from my website, but it is more of a research tool:


It has a smaller corpus and the transcription is not so good. I’ve been meaning to update it for a while. I’ll get around to it sometime over the summer

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Thanks - found the site, and will try it out tomorrow. I hope to get an iPad or iTouch soon, and will then use the mobile version, but I’m also passing the link on to someone who will probably only be using it on the computer. (And who frequently asks me if I can identify tunes…)