Not ITM - but could be! Drop in and see our experiment this weekend…

Not ITM - but could be! Drop in and see our experiment this weekend…

Hi all,

Thanks to an earlier discussion a while ago about what you would have at a festival, I’m running an experiment which is a live Internet TV channel alongside a harp festival. In this case, there’s a strong international / folk element - we have players from Kurdistan, Austria, Sweden, Colombia and Germany, all playing unusual variants of what you’d normally think a harp looks like.

Of course, whatever the musical genre, the real point of a festival is to get people together and make music, but we’ve done some quite unusual things thanks to having the opportunity to run live video. This has allowed us to extend the festival - to prepare for it and also to carry on enjoying the music afterwards.

For example, prior to the festival we have interviewed people (sound / video) from all over the world and have invited video contributions of pieces of music from people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend but who would like to contribute. On the day we’re planning live concerts, interviews and getting people to share their favourite technical “tips” for playing the instrument. On the live day (Sunday 29th August) we also will repeat the live concert at the end of the evening so viewers in the USA can enjoy it at a time that’s more sensible for them. Anything we broadcast will be available on-demand afterwards at any time.

As I said in the subject line, this isn’t about ITM but it could be - and I hope you drop in and even take some inspiration from our experiment. Even it it’s only “how not to do it”!!

The channel is on

And if you’re a harpist, please contact me and contribute a piece!