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Instruments don’t make bad music. people do.

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Boots MacAllen

< Instruments don’t make bad music. people do.>

You could be very right about this, I knew an old guy from Portglenone , Co,Antrim- Who by putting a Cork in his mouth tapping it with his finger’s - White Creating sound’s by moving his mouth, in front of a mic,,, Could play better Reel’s and Jig’s .. That most of us in the room ,,, lol… but True.


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And yet the guy who plays Dylan covers at Chancery Lane lives on, oh and the blind whistler with tourettes… lovely.

Dylan covers should be banned by law. As for the other guy, if you’ve never seen him he’s a blind chap whose ‘busk’ is to whistle popular tunes, Edelweiss, Amazing Grace etc the trouble being he has either tourettes syndrome or a twitch or some other synaptic motor-function reflex which means all tunes are noted in an impossibley over-staccato way with the occasional extra-long note thrown in where it shouldn’t be by way of over compensation. The timing is so absurdly altered that the entire phraseology of the tune is lost. I realise this sounds like a very anti-equal opportunities rant but surely timing / rhythm is the bed rock of music and if you ignore the timing in a a piece of music it ceases to be music and is then just sound, isn’t it? So he’s essentially just a sanctioned sound maker. I don’t know, perhaps I’m a snob and a cynic. Either way he makes a lot of money.

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The thing that annoys me is the Karaoke Buskers….The show up with sound system, and mike their instruments through a mixer with the accompaniment.

In Chicago, Kenny G style is very prominent.

Just what you need when you are running for a train.

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I bet you agree with Pat Metheny, zippy

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If people are using backing tracks that is just wrong, and people give them money???