Irish Tunes made more readily accessible

Irish Tunes made more readily accessible

To the Readers:

Please give me a chance and read this.

I’ll hopefully be launching my typesetting (arranging) business very soon. I thought that I would
let people know what I’m going to be doing, in hopes that it gives me the chance to see how this prospect
may go. 1 service that I would like to offer is the arranging of all one’s tunes into a professional coil bound book format.
The outline for the final product would be:

Tune Index:

3 different ways of finding a tune

Tunes listed alphabetically
Tunes listed by type
Tunes listed by key


Displayed clearly, in standard notation, and on good paper

Chords will be added above music if desired

Handy Tools in the back:

Chord/Progression Charts for
Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, & the more
often than not these days 5 string banjo

Easy transpose chart + ”Where to put your capo”

Alternate Tunings Page

(For another small fee):Disc with ABC & Midi of every tune + All tunes in PDF

I know that many of you already know how to form more than just the basic chords,
where to put your capo, progressions, etc. I’ve come up with this format as a handy
tool to use at a session, whatever the size, as in my experience, there are often
newcomers to the music, or newcomers to their instrument. In essence, it’s designed to
make things easier for those playing accompaniment.

Price Range: I’ll be nice and charge in Canadian dollars. All of you across the pond would be getting
quite the bargain then. I’m open to suggestions as to what YOU think a decent price would be for a project
as such. Currently, I think $25 CAD is fair. I plan to coil bind the books, and you can be
rest assured that I’ll begin your product right away. My plan is to send the product to you before any money
changes hands. It’s a trust thing that benefits you more than me, and I don’t believe you should pay
for something you don’t like. This also lets everyone know I’m not running a scam.

Music is my life, and takes
up %100 of my time. Lot of arranging. Preservation of this music is important to me. Aside from sending out and
exchanging tunes, I think that a book like this will be an efficient way of bringing the music to others, and
helping some to understand it better.

If you have some suggestions for me, or would be interested in something like this, PM me, or email me directly at

Thank you,


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I hope you’re the sort of person who enjoys being abused.

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How about fingering charts for concertina and accordion, tables of ornaments for different instruments and advice on setting bagpipe reeds?

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Having downloaded the Cape Breton tunes supplied by Pat, I think this would be worthwhile. The price is reasonable as most of the books of tunes sell for around this price or more. Plus you get the advantage of having a book of personalised tunes. If you’re a stumbling amateur like me, any help in making the music more accessible is appreciated.

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Is this the way it works? — I send you all the bits and scraps of paper on which I have my tunes (printed via the computer) and you arrange them and bind them as you said? If so, that seems a bargain.

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And you can forget about the chords and the capo business. Just the tunes and only the tunes, thank you. For $25? Sign me up!

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Sounds like a good resource, and I like the spiral binding, but trying to sell music books to folks that prefer to learn aurally is like trying to sell refrigerators to eskimos.

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It might be useful to people who have stopped learning tunes. But for most of us, we are constantly adding tunes, grouping them into different sets, and generally shuuling them about as the fancy takes us. A ring binder is much more useful for that.

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I don’t get it. But then, any storing that I manage to do, in my disorganised state, tends to be in electronic form - got enough books lying about feeding the paper mites … and electronic seems (rightly, or more probably wrongly) more permanent.

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I love the ‘professional coil bound book’ .

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Hi Pat,

It sounds like you’ve got a useful skill you want to market so it helps support you - that’s a wonderful idea. However I think some good points have been made about how it might not go over big in your current idea. My first thought is, I don’t need an index of the tunes I DO know nearly as much as a need an index of the tunes I DON’T know. 🙂

Price wise, $25 is a GREAT price for the buyer, but doesn’t seem worth your time if you’re going to typset the tunes, create indexes, print and bind. That’s a lot of work, even if you are very fast.

But if you’ve really mastered the skill of typesetting quickly, I think there’s some other ways you could put that to business use. For instance, how about taking very popular albums and transcribing them, making tunebooks available that correspond with the album? So people can purchase the dots to say the Doublin album or Kitty Lie Over. Of course, you’d have to get permission from the CD publisher, but that’s probably doable. Your price would be lower for each book, but you’d sell many copies instead of just one.

In fact once you’ve got that far, you might approach Mel Bay to publish it for you. They have several books like that already, and solicit new ideas (check their webpage). You’l get less for each book but they sell a LOT of books.

The personalized tune book might be better marketed to bands or learning sessions. They’ll have a set group of tunes they want to easily disseminate and will appreciate sheet music for them. You could even charge a slightly higher fee to produce the first, high quality pdf (I bet a band would pay $50 or so, since they can split it up between them) - that they could print new copies of at will from a place like

Etc… .

Just my $0.02, I hope you find this helpful, not discouraging.

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I think the above suggestion is a very good, IMHO. I’d LOVE a Kitty Lie Over transcription (esp. if it had two lines of music for each musician…) ;)