Low D Whistles for sale

Low D Whistles for sale

I’m cleaning house and I’ve got three tunable low D whistles for sale:

Copeland Low D: Brass, conical bore, tunable, 20+ years old, full reedy tone, $750 obo. You just can’t find these any more.

Kerry Pro Low D: Aluminum, tunable, even mellow tone, $350 obo.

Chieftan Low D: Aluminum, tunable, $150 obo.

Buy all three for $1000.

You can find photos at:


Send me a note through thesession if you’re interested.

Re: Low D Whistles for sale

Copeland Low D: Sold to a fellow in Austrailia.

The Kerry Pro and Cheiftan are still available. Make me an offer.

Re: Low D Whistles for sale

Cheiftan Low D: sold to the Netherlands.

My Kerry Pro Low D is still for sale: $300. Any takers?