old back dot

old back dot

My son has just been handed down an old Hohner Double Ray, Black Dot with 12 bass.. I think it’s probably a german model as it has the “swastika” on it, but I don;t know from what year…

Being a banjo player, I don’t know much about accordions… can anyone help out here by giving me some info on it…

it needs a small bit of work doing to it, straps etc are corroded and the metal work needs a shine.



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The swastika might just be a straight forward Hindu good luck symbol. All depends which way the wings point.

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nice box -
you will have a lot of fun with that!

a lot of people like the 12 bass models because it gives you the same chord/bass on the push and the pull - so it’s a bit more user friendly than standard box basses -

the hohner double ray deluxe is frequently discussed over on melodeon.net

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I thought there was a post either here or on melodeon.net on the Swastika subject last week.

The Swastika is a popular graphic pattern that dates to the ancient Romans and Greeks. It is also used in Islamic graphics. It shows up alot in their tile and ceramic work.

Hohner’s use of it predated the Nazi’s from what I understand

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Also, contrary to what I myself thought until about a month ago when someone made me look it up, the “way the wings point” has no bearing on it whatsoever, the ancient symbol being used both ways round. What makes the Nazi symbol uniquely Nazi is its orientation (tilted by 45 deg) and its specific colours.

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Somewhere in the back of beyond, in my mind, I think it was called a fylfot(?)

I think it might allude to a symbol of light in Hindu culture.

Apologies in advance

All the best

Brian x

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So if it sounds good play it.

I think the advice I heard was to cover the decoration with a bit of tape if there are sensitivities.