Newfoundland Tunes on YouTube

Newfoundland Tunes on YouTube

Hey b’ys,
So, I just wanted to advertise this plan I have to put a pile of Newfoundland tunes up on YouTube.

I’ve always found that YouTube was an excellent resource for learning tunes. However, although I could always find more Irish/Scottish/Cape Breton/Quebec tunes than I could ever possibly learn, it was always a little touch and go when it came to finding Newfoundland stuff.

So, I figure, if nobody else’ll do it, I might as well. 100 tunes is my current goal. However, since I’m hardly the most qualified person to post tunes and my repertoire is pretty limited, I’d like other people to post responses to my videos featuring themselves (or recordings of other people) playing Newfoundland tunes. Please include the name of the tune in your title. I figure, if I can put up as many videos as I can, and I can get as many other people to do the same, it would represent a fairly large, accessible, online collection of tunes.

I know I would have loved this when I was first starting out, and my hope is that younger players will be able to benefit from the accessibility of these tunes.

Here’s a link to my channel, if anyone’s interested.

Also, also advice and constructive criticism to do with my playing would definitely be welcome too. I don’t often get the opportunity to be critiqued, and I’d love to hear any suggestions anyone might have to do with my playing.

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Sounds great! I don’t know any Newfoundland tunes, but good luck with your project.

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Seems a lovely idea to me.

Nice tunes you posted, and
not a bad demo of each.
Keep it up.

Good luck to you.

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Lovely tunes. They all have echoes of Irish tunes, but none of them is quite familiar. Interesting how Hound’s Tune, despite having quite an Irish feel to it, has a first part with a brandy (‘slip reel’,3/2) type of rhythm, common in French Canadian music.

Re your playing: I am not a flute player (I play a bit of whistle), and neither do I know anything about Newfoundland flute style, if there is such a thing. You have a nice punchy style. If there is one crticism, it is that it is sometimes a little too staccato for my taste; I feel it would benefit from a bit less tonguing and longer phrases in places, giving the tune a more connected feel. Having tried the flute, I know all too well the difficulty of being economical with your breath, and the temptation to take breaths too deeply and too often.