Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish traditions on winds

Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish traditions on winds

To jog my own well worn memories and for a new member here, ‘krysolove’, I’ve opened this to discussion, seeking your expertise, recommendations and opinions. The root to all of this is in the comments for a recent submission, here:

Tune: Djarven

If you can recommend any recordings, brilliant. In the past I’ve had recordings on the equivalent of simple system flutes, recorders, whistles, very simple willow flutes (the kind with a basic fipple and a bark surround, like we made as children) and pipa, bagpipes. In that past we’d danced to some lovely playing and I’d learned some great tunes too. I’m not sure where things are in this regard now, but in the 60s and 70s there were quite a few recordings that featured, and I’m unsure of the spelling, a tuselflöjt? This was a version of the recorder, a fipple instrument made of wood.

I’ll drop Henrik Norbeck, a member, a note and see if he’ll give some time to contribute here and make some recommendations. I’d also love to chase up some of those old prized vinyl listens I gave away in my over generous youth…

Here’s some of Henrik Norbeck’s online content with respect to the subject, starting iwth his homepage ~
Swedish Traditional Music - a basic intro
Flutes in Swedish Traditional Music
Relevant links

Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish - connecting to our past 😉

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Re: Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish traditions on winds

Finnish, Swedish & Norwegian traditional music are separate traditions. Regarding Swedish trad music there is a new flute CD out by Marcus Tullberg & Anders Ralsgård. Two southern Swedish flute players playing Swedish traditional music on timber flutes. Marcus plays a keyed Grinter and I think Anders plays an Old German keyed flute with a new headjoint with a wooden lip plate. both Marcus & Anders play Irish trad at the local Irish trad session. Here’s a link to the CD (in English)

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It isn’t exactly "tradition" but Gjallarhorn use a bass recorder where other bands would use a bass guitar.

The only tusseflote playing I’ve heard is from the Norwegian Egil Storbrekken. Pleasant enough but doesn’t get me as excited as comparable folk-recorder-like-instrument playing from Hungary and Romania.


Yes, I did not want to say ‘Scandinavian’, but the division in names and languages, and there being more than one on each of these three large bodies of land - yes - seperate traditions…

~ and then some…

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Jack, yes, I too love the traditions on winds East of here, but had heard some great playing from the Northern realms too, and I don’t mean those with a usually dull, suppressed classical influence…

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Here are some bands/players/recordings to investigate. Ones with * are personal listening favorites and have a substantial flute presence.

Ottopasuuna * ‘"Ottopaussuna"( Kurt Lindblad on flutes, Estonian pipes, clarinet)
Ottopasuuna (mk 2.) - "Suokaasua" (Kristiina Ilmonen, Boehm flute & percussion)
Tuulenkantjaaat (3 or 4 albums) (Hannu Lehtoranta)
Tallari (first 2 labums w/ H Lehtoranta; a later lineup included Kurt Lindland but he was playing more clarinet than flute here if memory serves)
* Niekku - "Niekku", "Niekku 2, "Niekku 3" (Leena Joutsenlähti)
Leena Joutsenlähti - "Makale"

Teppo Repo - "Paimensoitto"
(archival and old radio broadcast recordings of Repo on various flutes and other folk horns and shepherd instruments)

other groups which would have someone double/tripling on various flutes include:
Primo (Rauno Nieminen)

* Jonas Simonson - * "Crane Dance"
* Groupa - "15 Years", "Lavalek" (Jonas Simonson )
* Bäsk - "Bäsk" (Jonas Simonson)
Den Fule - "Quake" (Jonas Simonson, on about half the tracks of this 70 min compilation )

* "Härjedalspipan" (Ale Möller on regional folk flute with 1-3 fiddles)

Ale Möller, predominantly a ‘Swedish bouzouki’ player, will also play various folk and natural-scale flutes on:

Ale Möller - "The Horse And The Crane",
the two Nordan albums (* "Nordan", "Agram")
and in the band Frifot - * "Summersong", "Slurring"

Flute & natural-scale flutes will occasionally occur on the Hedningarna CDs

Bukkene Bruse - * "The Stone Chair", "The Loveliest Rose"
(Steinar Ofsdal on flutes; this was fiddler Annbjørg Lien’s band in the early-mid 1990’s)

Flute and pipes make appearances (played by Hans Frerik Jacobsen) on Annbjørg Lien - * "Prisme" and * "Baba Yaga"

Niles Hokkanen

Re: Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish traditions on winds

Brilliant Niles, your a sweetheart. 😉 Now to see how difficult they are or not to chase up…

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Ottopasuuna * ‘"Ottopaussuna"
came out in US on Green Linnet, now oop but you can still.find resaonably priced copies floating around

The second CD with K. Ilmonen was on the Swedish Amigo albel

- - - - -
The following are all out on the US Northside label Some are 70 min. compilations encompassing a full album plus tracks from other discs by the same band. Check Amazon and for used/cutout copies at low prices. (assuming that you prefer physical hard copy CDs rather than downloads)

* Groupa - "15 Years" (comp) , "Lavalek" (Jonas Simonson )
* Bäsk - "Bäsk" (Jonas Simonson)
Den Fule - "Quake" (comp) (Jonas Simonson, on about half the tracks of this 70 min compilation )
Ale Möller - "The Horse And The Crane",
Frifot - * "Summersong" (compilation), "Slurring"

Bukkene Bruse - * "The Stone Chair", (album + tracks from other discs)
Bukkene Bruse - "The Loveliest Rose"
Annbjørg Lien - * "Prisme"
Annbjørg Lien - * "Baba Yaga"

- - - - -
the two Nordan albums (* "Nordan", "Agram") are out in the US on ECM


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Steinar Ofsdal og Per Anders Midtstigen - "Sjøfløyta" (1989 re-relaesed recently on CD)
In Norwegian, but searches on "fløyte", "sjøfløyte", "seljefløyte","tussefløyte" should get you somewhere (paired with Google-translate).

Re: Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish traditions on winds

Thanks snorre, for myself and the person I started this thread for…

Re: Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish traditions on winds

Just found this thread. Thank you caolacgam and thank you all the commenters, there are some interesting names.
There is also a page of swedish whistle maker Gunnar Stenmark with some examples of tunes played on his whistles by some swedish performers:

North Side ~ NH’s link made live

"Scores of young musicians from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sámiland are taking the music and instruments of their ancestors and bringing new ideas, arrangements, influences and instrumentation to a nearly-lost art."