Fleadh Cheoil Cavan - Who’s playing ?

Fleadh Cheoil Cavan - Who’s playing ?

Does anyone know who will be performing at the fleadh (as opposed to the many fine players who will be competing or playing in sessions) ? The website only mentions Michael McGoldrick, and last year it was a bit slow to announce who was coming (or maybe I’m just a bit impatient - after all the organisers have to confirm things with the artists). Just wondered if anyone had any inside info ?

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Havent heard myself , but after last years mayhem and near disaster at the gig rig , in which due to massive overcrowding and the location of the main gig rig a major castrophe was close and Im amazed that people werent killed and crushed.

I have spoken to a few Fleadh regulars and many are giving it a miss as will myself.

I also heard that the Fleadh will not be going to Derry to celebrate its UK city of culture, meetings were held last week and the committee got "the cold shoulder", some feel that Sligo will get it next year and the year after.

Maybe what we need is a little bit if honesty and transparency as to what happened last year in Cavan and how close it was to disaster . Also a little bit of honesty and transparency as to how Towns are selected and on what basis they were or were not selected.

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I made some health and safety comments here a few years ago from Tullamore, Drunkards driving around the family-designated camping area at 2 in the morning…no one paid attention, a few coppers in one car at the gate looking very thuggish. Such stupid people running the campsite left me thinking I could not trust them to look after us. Transparency…in the Rep of Ire…you’re kidding…?

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Listen fellow members ,Martin Donohe here ,Events chair 2010/11

Honest truth READY

Is that we had no written complaints from public or from Garda about WHAT HAPPENED IN CAVAN last year ???

honesty and transparency ??? thats the truth ..what other proof — can you offer —-

Did you look on U tube GIG RIG and can you see people being walked on ,or trampled ??
was anyone seen running throught shop windows to escape the sound of Sharon or any of the many acts that played over the 5 days of Gig rigs.

BUT IF YOU WISH TO GET A GROUP TOGETHER and travel down to Cavan and meet us with all the above concerns
,I CAN SET THAT UP -We are still in the same houses and towns ,so we can meet and help plan 2011
And THEN you can report back to the members here ,

what else can We do or Say .. Do you want us to not take the fleadh , and have you a spot in mind ? instead .

And how towns are selected ,?? its no hidden code ,no mind turning drugs needed

Cavan story ——-

When a few of us decided over 7 years ago that we wished to see the All Ireland come to Cavan
We talked and talked and each year got more people talking

We looked at costs and what was needed to cope
and thats the key word COPE ,
we cant change the size of the town or where streets ,car parks are ,

We as local branch of CCE were over the moon to see it arrive last year and its back this year ,ps over 210 members in Cavan town branch ,i am Chairman and host two weekly sessions ,come down ,we play and no crowds

And that line above that it was not going to Derry ,

can you answer a question ,

have Derry applied to host it yet ???


and the meeting to decide where it happens for 2012 ,

will be in Sept in Dublin

NOT LAST WEEKEND or at any other meeting that happened

some one is telling you lies

And honesty and transparency

know that A Branch of CCE IN CAVAN WANT IT FOR 2012

Hope this helps answers some questions

Its a shame some musicians /followers will not return to Cavan but they have reasons and the right to stay away if it was not for them.

I know that i dont attend the last weekend of Willie Clancy in the town
but stay outside ,where its a bit more manageable to play and meet others ,

FIRST question was

"Does anyone know who will be performing at the fleadh"

I set events up and its still a work in progress

But Cherish the Ladies Band - Len Graham -Pride of New York Band are both coming ,so thats a start

and if any one has a cd to launch or a wish to perform on gig rig or a solo recital ,band performance ,singers talk ,etc


and send all questions or proof of what was said above
mayhem and near disaster

to that email and we will reply ………

We know by Beds booked already that an awful lot will ATTEND THIS YEAR ….and must have been at a different fleadh ……Martin ..

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I think the All Ireland Fleadh in Cavan last year was a remarkable success. We saw an array of talent such as commercial groups; Lunasa, At First Light, Sharon Shannon, Paul Brady to name but a few. In my opinion I was at the gig rig and I don’t feel the description that you are giving about " amazed that people weren’t killed or crushed" is accurate to say the least. The most important legacy about that particular Fleadh last year was that it bridged the gap between the Arts world and the Comhaltas world and for that I think it will be remembered.

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All the people we had staying with us last year thought it was one of the best Fleadhs ever ,and they are seasoned Fleadh goers, booked accommodation again for this year and were delighted to be coming back, they were impressed with the amount of people who supported the events around town especially the young people. They were at the gig and didnt
complain about crushes etc. said the crowd dispersed quickly enough when it was over, they never felt afraid or in danger

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As a seasoned fleadh goer I really enjoyed Cavan 2010. A great mix of gigs, concerts and sessions. There was also a super atmosphere about the town and the Cavan people were very friendly. Keep up the good work Martin!

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Good on ye Martin. I posed the original question in the hope you might chip in but didn’t realise some people would highjack it to have a moan. I too was at the gig rig. I’ve seldom seen so many people just having a great time in good humour. There was no crush, it was busy, but at the end everyone left in an orderly way. I had a great time all weekend, went to competions, concerts, enjoyed the street music and the sessions. I know how much effort went in .I saw you running aroud during the weekrnd too.

Thanks for the info, that’s what I was after. Can’t wait till August.

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You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t bother trying. Martin and committee take a bow. You did a fantastic job given the level of work and organisation that is required. Do people realise that you are doing this in a voluntary capacity or do they think you are the chief executive of a promotions company? What rubbish about a crush at the gig rig. This was certainly a large crowd but what a joy to see so many people enjoying themselves in a friendly and non-confrontational way. I’ll be back - get cracking Peadar!

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Derry here (not the city),

I was a Fleadh Volunteer at Sharon Shannon that night. Everyone enjoyed the gig, families didn’t have a problem. We had mothers passing us accordian straps for Sharon to sign after the gig. Nobody was suffering from claustrophobia. (We’re not talking "mad rock concert" here)
Yes there was 85,000 people in Cavan that night and half of them wanted to see the gig but the Area was closed off by the Gardaí (not "coppers"). The crowd was controlled by the Gardaí. Noone complained, the music flowed, no trouble, no rows, fadhb ar bith.
It was a magical evening, like one of those old famous matches where everyone grabbed whatever vantage point they could get, was proud to be there with my kids enjoying the music in an amazing atmosphere. They had no sense of a problem, They felt safe
Of course the Gardaí and we were aware that there were some people on walls and trees that might have had a few beers in, but common sense in combination with the spirit of the Fleadh prevailed.

(you know what Lincoln said)
Tóg go bog é

Is mise an ciotóg