Traditional Tune Archive

Traditional Tune Archive

I came across the link to this in this message to a Northumbrian Piping Mailing List: It contains the following missive:


We would like to announce the existence of a new on-line resource called the
Traditional Tune Archive (TTA), being developed by myself, Andrew Kuntz
(Fiddler’s Companion tune index), and Velicio Pelliccioni, Northumbrian
piper and expert programmer. Right now the site is read-only at , which is the
"construction" URL. It is a presentation of music notation, annotations and
descriptors of traditional tunes set in a semantic relational wiki, so that
searches and queries can be made to the database in a variety of
combinations, including theme coding (Gore’s format). Although there are
several excellent databases on the web at present, the TTA is the only one
to introduce the ability to run relational queries as a user function. This
best describes the difference between the TTA and other excellent resources,
for it not only lists information, but continually works with in-putted
information to enrich its relational qualities. In short, if you were
interested in finding out the various people who recorded a tune on a sound
recording, there are several excellent sources to go to. However, if you
were interested in finding tunes from 1) Cape Breton in 2) mixolydian with a
tonic of 3) ‘D’ (and, perhaps narrowing it to a composer like 4) Dan R.
MacDonald) you might consider the TTA as a best resource (try running it or
a similar search on the "Query the Archive" feature).

Or, one might query "Daniel Dow" or "J. Scott Skinner" to see how many tunes
entered so far with each one listed as composer, or if your looking for a
"Polka" in "G" to complete a set you can run a user report to get options.
Check the "Drill Down" tab to see a breakdown of the different totals for
all fields entered so far (reels predominate almost 2:1 over jigs-but you
knew that, already!). Or, see the results the simple "Search" produces.

Even though it is still "under construction"—in the process of entry with
an ititial ‘population’ (I’ve got 6,000 entries in it, but am only half-way
through the letter ‘C’)— Valerio and I invite list members to explore the
TTA and try out the features, most of which you can access in read only
mode. I hope you will give us feedback on what is valuable, what needs work,
and how we might improve it; its invaluable to us in moving forward. I’m
hard at work populating the TTA with the entire contents of the Fiddler’s
Companion index (and doing updates, corrections and additions as I go) and
will continue to do so until I have completed the transfer. Meanwhile
Valerio is tweeking some of the formatting and search functions, and
exploring some of the experimental uses of the semantic database.

Next steps: The TTA is licensed under a Creative Commons license, and is
available for non-commercial use. We are seeking to form a consortium of
editors with expertise in various trad. genres to help with review of
entries, to keep submissions accurate and help flag the need for
disambiguation and resolution. Those interested, please contact us.
Finally, we will soon open the TTA to the on-line trad. community for log-in
and entry of data. Valerio and I will continue to manage the project as
administrators (the direct association with the Fiddler’s Companion will
cease) of a community project.


Andrew Kuntz & Valerio Pelliccioni"

No mention of this site seems to have been made on The register function seems to be up and running. The database is pretty cool; hard to browse through it all, though, without "Drilling Down" as they have perhaps lewdly termed it. Many pages display the score. On some you have to click on "Tune Discussion" to see the bibliographical etc info; on others this isn’t the case. Definitely a work in progress.

Wonder if I’m making myself persona non grata there by announcing this on Casa Mustard. Seems odd that they wouldn’t bring it up here. Didn’t want to be swamped, perhaps.

Re: Traditional Tune Archive

It’s just a repackaged Fiddler’s Companion and just as crap.

Re: Traditional Tune Archive

It’s as hard to navigate as the old companion.

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Gawd. Everything’s crap. I give up.

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Hardly call it crap, it’s a very nice resource to have, regardless of the mistakes. Not having to load the abc into a program makes all the difference for me. Thanks for the link, Kevin. I’ll have to play around with it on the next rainy (snowy) day.