CP: New Flute Tutor by Conal Ó Grada

CP: New Flute Tutor by Conal Ó Grada

Hi Folks
Just to let you know that I have just published a new Flute Tutor, available on my website at www.conalograda.com. I have included an outline of the book below.
Beir Bua

Conal Ó’Gráda is recognised as one of the top flute-players in Irish Traditional Music. As well as recording and performing extensively, Conal is also in huge demand as a teacher, both in Ireland and internationally. Based on the premise that ‘If you can’t hear it, you can’t play it’, Conal takes a progressive approach to building the students flute technique (What does it Sound like…How is it Done…Where is it Used), starting with the basics (Holding the flute, Breathing, Cuts etc.) and working up to more advanced techniques (Glottal Stops, Rolls and combining of techniques), supported with both Audio and Notated examples. A unique aspect of the book is the chapter on Critical Listening, where the student is taught how to build their listening skills to recognise how top players achieve the musical impact they do.

Build technique progressively from basic breathing to advanced articulation
Step by Step: What does it sound like…How do you do it…Where do you use it
Comprehensively illustrated with both notation and audio examples (free CD inside)
Learn how to listen critically to top players and improve your own playing
Features playing from: Cathering McEvoy, Harry Bradley, Aoife Granville, John Wynne, Tara Diamond, Mike Rafferty, Patsy Hanly, Eamonn Cotter

Published by Daorla Publications, www.conalograda.com, E-mail: ogradaconal@gmail.com

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Brilliant - can’t wait to get it!

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Sweet! Will you be coming to East Durham this year, Conal?


OOPS! - My computer did a switch on me… The above was supposed to be elsewhere - in the comments for your recordings…

That’s what I get for trying to do too many things at once, including preparing to go out for some music and dance tonight…

Best of luck with your tutor, a welcome addition from a fine player…

Discussion: Any Information about Conal O Grada

# Posted on May 26th 2007 by Rudall the time

Has anyone any experience with or opinion about that Scoiltrad CDROM Conal did, lessons for whistlers? 😏

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Just bought the flute tutor a week ago at Ceol Aneas in New Zealand. Brilliant - and great to be able to purchase it direct (and signed!) from the man himself. I really enjoyed the weekend, the mad banter between Conal and Benny being particularly entertaining. I hope the NZ/Ireland rugby match didn’t ruin your trip here Conal (ya KNEW they wouldn’t win)!