Popular Cape Breton Tunes

Popular Cape Breton Tunes

Hey, was wondering if you’d know any popular Cape Breton tunes as I’m playing at an event on Xmas eve I’d like to play a few of them.
Popular ones that may be on this site would be ideal.

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Brenda Stubberts, for one.

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Just a few ~

reel: "Brenda Stubbert’s" ~ C: Jerry Holland

strathspey: "King George V"

There’s lots, including some great jigs too ~
"Cape Breton’s Own"

& for more check out the recordings on site here by the likes of ~

Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald
Buddy MacMaster
Natalie MacMaster
Jerry Holland
Brenda Stubbert

Or just do a search using ‘Cape Breton’ ~

Don’t forget the marches… Now I’ve got to run… ;-)

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Ok thanks guys that’s great! :D :)

Discussion: The most popular Cape Breton tunes?

# Posted on January 8th 2008 by AmandaD

Also check out some other discussions… You’ll see the tune Jerry made for Brenda rising on more than one occasion. It’s a fun tune to play and to dance to too…

“Father Eugene’s Welcome To Cape North” -


& those jigs and a couple of marches, but I’d better hurry this before my wife scalps me ~

Peggy’s Jig

Mike MacDougall’s Jig

Mike MacDougall’s Jig

Mary Ann MacDougall’s March

Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell - march

So worried I first put this in an old discussion on the same subject… :-/ ~ now to run…

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"Put Me in the Big Chest." That’s a coffin they’re referring to. Popular at weddings. Marriage, Christmas, same thing.

Just mentioned by saltcast ~
"The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome To Shetland"
Composed by fiddler Willie Hunter of The Shetland as a welcome. Yes, another great tune…

& also excellent: "Put Me in the Big Chest"
Submitted on June 2nd 2004 by slainte.

& also played in a set referred to as "The Wedding Reels", #3 of 3 ~ & courtesy of slainte and the comments ~

Old Time Wedding Reel #1 (John of Badenyon): https://thesession.org/tunes/1480

Old Time Wedding Reel #2 (Hamish the Carpenter): https://thesession.org/tunes/3103

“Cuir ’sa chiste mhòir mi”

Thanks Weejie…

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Second the King George tunes (usually played as a set), and the Wedding Reels…."Stan Chapmans’ is a great jig…

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Thanks Guys, that’s wonderful! :)

The lottiemaus recommendations ~ from “Cape Breton Symphony: Fiddle I & II”

"The Trip to Windsor" - reel
C: Dan R. MacDonald
Submitted on October 24th 2002 by SPeak.

"Mrs. Norman MacKeigan" - reel
C: Dan R. MacDonald
Submitted on February 14th 2010 by niall_kenny.

"Devil’s Delight" - reel
C: Dan R. MacDonald
Submitted on February 15th 2010 by niall_kenny.

& second another fine march ~

"The Glencoe March"
Submitted on October 1st 2006 by fiddlingcaper.