Seeking Humour Definition

Seeking Humour Definition

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the meaning of "Humours" in a tune title, such as in "The Humours of Westport".

Is it the obvious humour as in joke, or is it something totally different?

(Ok, it might be a dumb question but if I don’t ask, I won’t learn 🙂

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The joys, sorrows & atmosphere etc of a place.

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Ambience, atmosphere, aura…and as above.

The late, great and lovely Frankie Kennedy, facing the end with great bearing, actually introduced a tune as "The Tumours of…"

Chris Ferguson aka Charlie, from Belfast, but domiciled in London was another flute player I knew, who did use that phrase.
He went really young, 33. Did any of you out there meet, play with him? We had some great sessions, together with Paddy Malynn, Tommy Mac"Animal" (as he’s known now), Jimmy Power, Duffy the Fiddle, some days those were…in The Favourite, Holloway!

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I like this definition

a: that quality which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous b : the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous

In mediaeval physiology there were believed to be four humours [or bodily fluids] that determined your character. Thus a phlegmatic person had an over abundance of phlegm.

In the context of didlley dee I would agree with the suggestions above, though you probably won’t find that definition in a dictionary.

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Ambience, atmosphere, aura…as posted by Brian and by extension, the humours/moods the ambient induces in you.

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Sorry to sound like a right party pooper, but I figure it comes from an old Pommie word…

humoresque (hfi- or fi-m.o.r-esk’), n. [— G. Dan.
humoreske; as humor -t: -esque.] A musical
composition of humorous or capricious charac-
ter; a caprice. [Recent.]
Grieg calls them Humoresques, and invests them with
a beautiful humor of a sturdy and rollicking sort.
Musical tiecorel, April, 1888, p. 10.

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bc - thanks for the idea

Don’t be afraid to speak up - mebbe we’re all up the wrong gum tree and you’re right.

Just cos your Australian, doesn’t make you a party pooper! It just means you don’t understand beer.


Dave ;o)

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extensive research while eating my pie has revealed that the dictionary suggests that the etymology of the word humoresque derives via german, from the English word Humour.

Do you want a piece of this pie?


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Would that be humble pie, Dave?