URGENT lost/stolen mandola (Northern Ireland)

URGENT lost/stolen mandola (Northern Ireland)

Ok so, apologies if this is an inappropriate topic for discussion on this website but, I’m getting desperate so, there you go…

I’m looking for a beautiful John Hullah mandola which I believe I left on a crowded Ulsterbus on St Patricks day morning, coming from Castlewellan to Belfast. I’ve been on at the bus company (loads!) and no body has seen it, leading me to believe someone has taken it home.

So I’m wondering firsthand if anyone in (particularly in Ireland) has seen or heard of any mandolas turning up in unusual places, or, if not, if people might keep eyes an ears open for the sake of a fellow musician.

I know it’s a long shot…

It’s a fairly plain looking instrument, flat front and back, medium shade amber colour top (maybe spruce) and the rest a darker wood, (rosewood?), heavily varnished, with a clear plastic scratchplate attached. The label of the instrument is on the inside of the body and reads ‘John Hullah 1994’ in large letters with a signature, and the model no etc, though unfortunately I never wrote it down so don’t have it to hand.

thanks in advance!

This was my primary instrument, I played it every day, and wrote and arranged many songs for it, which I can no longer play… :( gutted

http://youtu.be/t2HCzG-OT34 - here’s a video, unfortunately its a bit dark but there’s me playing the thing…

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I’ll keep an eye out for it. By the way, nice video. Of Frodo. 🙂 Why the hoodie?????

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Bummer - I hope you find it (or it finds you).

I LOVE that song in your video, particularly the way you play the chords in different inversions - suits the song perfectly.

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hope it shows up bigson

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That’s a really beautiful song, and beautifully played. I really enjoyed your clip. Thank you

I hope te Mandola comes ack to you soon