intriguing proposal for your session

intriguing proposal for your session

Lots of people leave leaflets in Sandy Bells. Mostly relating to upcoming musical events, sometimes other tourist-oriented stuff like backpacker hostels. But a few leaflets advertising this open-access course just appeared:

The leaflet adds more detail about the topics covered than the website. Come to think of it, session pubs make a great source of examples for this.

- Drugs and Alcohol (natch)

- Asphyxia (well maybe not since the smoking ban)

- Transportation Injuries and Fatalities (does falling flat on your face at the bus stop when pissed as a newt and knocking teeth out count?)

- Human Identification (or how to tell 60-year-olds with beards and ponytails apart)

- Post-Mortem Interval and Changes After Death (when did anybody last see that guy at the end of the bar move?)

- Hair and Fibre Analysis (with optional module on chewing gum wads when considering the urinal trough in the gents)

- Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (just start a conversation with any regular)

- Forensic Dentistry (see under Banjo Players)

- Forensic Entomology (you always wanted an excuse to get up close to that tweed jacket with a collecting bottle, didn’t you?)

- Blood Spatter Analysis (see under Bodhran Players)

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If you’re interested in this kinda thing, you may wish to visit The Gordon Museum, just down a flight of stairs from where I work at Guy’s - very interesting, really, I’m not being sarcastic:

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Oh dear, as if "Silent Witness" and CSI [insert name of area, including the one where that ginger tw** keeps removing and replacing his stupid sunglasses] was not enough ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I know where Damien Hirst gets his ideas from …

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oops…Jack and Danny .. I’m not having a go at youz .. just spouting off ๐Ÿ™‚

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They love death up there. But for all that Edinburgh is one of the most eyebrow-raising concretions of the Dark Side on Planet Earth outside the world of fairly advanced horror computer games, and Sandy Bell’s manifestly a church of Cthulu, did it occur to no-one that invitations to go on a First Aid course might actually be more *useful*?!?

I’ve done two. Got the certificate twice. Can’t remember any of it. Wouldn’t mind trying to resuscitate that Greek chick in Eurovision, though.

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Nice selection of models in their shop. Every pub needs the erectile dysfunction poster next to the condom machine.

Why can’t you get organ-replica shaky eggs, though?

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Flyers for the picaresque cult novel "Llig" by Shaky Egg might arouse the interest of impressionable people who want to get under the surface of Edinburgh, be led on an intriguing journey through its dark psychogeographical mazes and still have a nice bohemian time without having their organs excised by one person after another that they meet. As if.

(N.B. I think Edinburgh’s OK actually ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚)