Reccomend CD’s

Reccomend CD’s

Looking for CDs with players of traditional music that is as traditional/old fashioned/vintage as possible. I prefer the older sound and instrumentation.Not just irish, but scots and welsh ect too.

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Forgot to mention: not just players but singers also

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I dont know how old you need things to be. But here you have two (not new) absolute favorites of mine:

The Missing Reel - Seamus McGuire & John Lee (1990)


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"The WHeels Of The World" recordings.
The 4-box set "Farewell To Ireland".
You can find comments about these recordings if you search for these in the recordings section here.
There are also a lot of very old recordings available online on various websites.

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Good luck. One of my all time favourites is a recording of CB fiddler Angus Chisholm. And on a similar vein there’s a fair bit of stuff by Buddy McMaster, Winston Fitzgerald around. Bobby MacLeod is well worth a listen, quite a few recordings. And that’s me just getting started …

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There’s a good discography in the back of Matt Cranitch’s fiddle tutor if you can get access to a copy. Lots of classic recordings listed, but it won’t include more recent recordings.

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Narrowing it down: CDs of players/singers active or released before 1960. Already have these CDs listed in this "recordings by year index" but looking for more of the same vintage.

Is there an index of trad musicians by year?

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Re: Reccomend CD’s - as traditional/old fashioned/vintage as possible

Already mentioned ~ The 4-box set "Farewell To Ireland"
& it comes with an informative booklet…

& (also check comments)

"The Wheels Of The World: Classics Of Irish Traditional Music"

"The Wheels Of The World, Early Irish American Music, Vol. 1"

"The Wheels Of The World, Early Irish American Music, Vol. 2"

Also worth considering ~

The 10 CD box set "Celtic Souls"

The Globestyle recordings, Topic compilations:

"The Rushy Mountain: Classic Music From Sliabh Luachra 1952-77"

"Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part"

I’m Leaving Tipperary"

"The Coolin’: Classic Slow Airs And Laments"

"The Gentleman Pipers"


Other Topic compilations that include Reg Hall booklets of information:

"Round the House and Mind the Dresser"

"Irish Dance Music"

"Past Masters of Irish Dance Music"

"Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music"


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Thanks so much everyone for the reccomendations!

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the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem!!!!
as old-fashioned, vintage, and original as it gets!

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"Paddy in the Smoke: Irish Dance Music From a London Pub"

"Traditional Music From Clare & East Galway"
(Hayes, Canny, Lafferty)

"In Knocknagree"
(Hill & MacMahon)

"The Last House in Ballymakea"
(Junior Crehan)

(Joe Cooley)

"Star Above the Garter"
(Murphy & Clifford)

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The master set collection of golden hits from Larry Cunningham and the Mighty Avons

The old cross-ply tread section from Fit Kilkenny and the Remoulds

The " I will write you a secret love note " section from Big Tom Mc Ride and the Herpeshayride Mountaineers

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The Flatulence above the Garter LP ( thanks be to #### that its a long player) from Gustys Analfrolics Groupset

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"Porky in the Smoke , Irish Dance Music from a London Pig" by Streaky Rasha and the Pakki Bombabeers

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"The Pogues"