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I’ve always thought that language and music are two of the most useful ways of ‘exercising’ the brain and thus, hopefully, prolonging its useful life.

I’m relying on music to help me hang on to the few marbles I have. 8)


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Lúnasa and the Brain event:

-“cows produce more milk when they listen to music” anyone?
The bit of the chat u really wanna hear starts at 25’30“ and ends at 47’54“. You won’t learn much from the show if you have already read poplular science books on the subject (eg: Steven Mithen, Oliver Sacks).
The band are funny though and they sound as good as ever, they play 2 great sets from 30’ and 41’20“. You can’t beat that live sound!

Kevin Crawford:
“We’ve done our 10,000 hours, mostly yesterday”

Cillian Valelly (whose cerebellum might end up in a jar full of formaldehyde one day if he’s not carful!):
“the instrument is always fighting against you”
(that’s the reason why pipers are the more intelligent musicians, a scientific survey -of one- shows! Needless to say, I fully agree with this statement!)

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If they were they were really more intelligent they probably would have chosen a different instrument in the first place. 🙂

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I had some really brainless things to do here at the financial salt mine yesterday and got tolisten to that RTE segment. Very well done regardless of whether or not you have read Sacks or Mithen.

And Lunasa, while playing some real chesnuts, were a pleasure to listen to.

I am a little over 2750 hours into my box. and can say the pipers are not alone having an instrument that fights them.