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Colin Grant ~ air: “Jen and Anthony’s Wedding Day”

Damn, that made the eyes fill up and leak… We miss the place, and the people, though many we knew and treasured are no longer with us… They should have shown the rain, the fog, the snow and blizzards, the other seasons, as Summer is short, and the biting and flood sucking insects everywhere… 😉 But - - - we miss it…

“Jen and Anthony’s Wedding Day”

C: Colin Grant - SOCAN

“Sprag Session” - formerly “ The Colin Grant Band”

Generous ~ all the tracks you can listen to on the website are complete. I’m starting to well up again listening to this on the “Sprag Session” link. No, I’m actually crying… DAMN!

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@ceol : “flood sucking insects” - could be useful with all the rain many of us have been having.Is there a conversion kit for the Scottish midge available?

Careful what you type or you could be suspected of being one of the “peiple should not be aloud online”

‘Peiple aloud online’

‘flood sucking insects’ - they would come in handy, but they’d have to be mighty big… I imagine now midges swelling up and exploding, like water balloons, only they’d hardly get off the ground…

“peiple should not be aloud online” ~ ?! ~ I agree, our time would be better spent making music, but I’m usually doing that simultaneously. My toes do all the typing… 😉

“People Aloud”

Could that be a break off trad group in rebellion against the likes of “Girls Aloud”, “Men Aloud” and “Boys Aloud”?

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Wonderful tune.

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Thanks smash. screwed up my link.

I am interested to hear how this translates into a straight piano solo piece (I am always looking for those- thus the ref to Liz Carroll’s slower ‘songs’- they translate into piano solo beautifully) My comparison to Liz was meant as a compliment.

She plays so much power fiddle that I think her quiet compositions get lost.

This is a very pretty piece also.

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Yes Zip, this would make a wonderful piano solo… I’ve written Colin to ask if would be OK to add this to the database here, fingers crossed…

“Jenn & Anthony’s Wedding Day”

The take with “Sprag Session” remains my favourite…

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Thanks for posting this. I have a friend who asked me to learn it for her wedding … someday. Maybe now that I have the tune, she’ll find her soul mate.

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Yeah, that’s a lovely tune, he has a way with a melody. We had his first CD, then this tune came on CBC radio one day in the truck, and my daughter (fiddler; think she was around 11 at the time), just stopped dead, and said “THAT’S it, THAT’s the music I like, part trad, part classical”. So we bought the new CD right off….I started working it out, think it would be a nice fiddle/flute duet, had to put it aside.

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I spent a few moments with it Saturday on the piano. It is a very pretty piece on piano.

Interesting challenge for us piano and reed types. In several places, CG does a quick cut or grace note on the walk down- I can only describe it as a ‘fiddler’s ornament’. So far have not been able to find a piano expression of the ornament.

Series of short rolls sort of worked, but not the same.

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Nice to hear. I’m still waiting to hear from Colin… I’d like to do a transcription and add it to the database… I’ll leave the chording to you. 😀

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@ ceolachan,Many thanks!

“Jen & Anthony’s Wedding Day”

C: Colin Grant
transcription courtesy of the composer

Sorry for the delay. I’ve only just opened up mail and found Colin’s email waiting for me…